1. MOAB

    Sharing my experience with BIOSTAR RACING B250GT5

    I am planning to build a new PC since I will be giving my old Haswell system to my kid as we use the same PC and the same Overwatch account. He's doing good in school so I guess he deserves to be rewarded with his own rig and account. Also, I couldn't play with him sitting on my chair and messes...
  2. L

    SteelSeries Reveals PC Racing Controller
  3. Skyguy

    Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 Force Feedback Driving Wheel

    Perhaps the closest any of us many come to driving a Ferrari is a virtual one, in a video game, or using a branded wheel on our desk. And that is exactly what we're discussing here today: Thrustmaster's Ferrari F430 Force Feedback driving wheel. It brings some of the Ferrari mystique to...