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    Overclocking QX9650 on Asus P5G41T-M LE

    Hi, I just made a good deal on a QX9650 processor which has an unlocked multiplier. This is great for my Asus P5G41T-M LE which seems to have a limitation of the FSB of 399 (I used to own a Q9450 and with my board I just could not get the FSB past 399 no matter what I did with voltages etc.). I...
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    I need to know how to go about clocking my kit

    recently installed new processor, see specs. Nothing worked and it ended up to be down to the ai clock twister. If set to auto. memtest could not identify my ram, and buckets of errors. when set to Moderate then everything suddenly worked. I had been messing about all day, downloading testing...
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    Processor overclocking problems

    Hi, I am having troubles overclocking my qx9650 to 3.6GHZ, i am using the intel dx38bt mother board and overclocking within the bios, when i save the change and restart I get 3 beeps and nothing happens, to get back into bios i have to clear the cmos and set the jumper to config. Anyone have any...