1. michal89chz

    Q9450 Tape Mod with Dell TP412 (x34 chip with NO OC option)

    Can I do it with my motherboard? Is QX9770 worth it? - Page 4 That Dell Motherboard can't OC CPU so I think about that mod but: CPU will handle it? Motherboard will not blow out? (power section) If it change FSB...what with RAM? Q9450 with massive and powerfull fan/radiator EVGA 500w (without...
  2. T

    Q9450 overclock on Asus P5G41T-M LE

    Hi guys, I m new on this forum. Going to ask overseas (I m from the Netherlands) because on the Dutch forum no one seems to know what s the cause of my problem. I own a Asus P5G41T-M LE motherboard and I m trying to OC my newly bought Q9450 (8x multiplier max). I ve tried everything I can but...
  3. W

    Q6700 + Asus Maximus 2 Formula

    Heyy guyss...... I found out it was time for ME to get a brand new computer, with a budget around 1300 dollars AUS, heres what i decided to buy.... - Asus Maximus 2 Formula - Q6700 - Corsair Dominator 4gb 1066mhz 8500c5df - Antec 1200 Case - Antec 550w Trio Power - Zalman 9700led cpu cooler...
  4. kaganader

    Anybody have the Q9450 or Q9550?

    was wondering how good the Q9450 and the Q9550 overclock, ive read online people getting the 9450 to 3.6. on the Q9550 I haven't found any info on it really and was wondering if anyone in the community has one and played around with it.