1. mybadomen

    Hello Fellow PureOC members..I been away a bit .

    Hiya Guys , Sorry i haven't been around for a bit or in the Modding scene for a while do to outside circumstances but im back and checking out all the inane mods you guys have been building. I have no idea of timeline but i will be back in the Modding scene soon enough. Anyway best wishes to you...
  2. joshjaks

    PureOC Improvement Input

    Hey guys, 2018 is here and I've worked hard to get systems in place to make PureOC great again! Sorry, couldn't resist myself there. Point is, I want content to be more consistent and better than ever, but building quality needs input. I want this to be the thread for ideas about improving the...
  3. joshjaks

    Welcome Jeff to PureOC!

    Hey everyone! We wanted to let you know about a new reviewer who's come on board with us. Please give Jeff a warm :welcome: and check out his first review on the site, the XL-ATX Top Deck Tech Station Review. Jeff has been writing reviews already, but recently needed a home to be able to post...
  4. joshjaks

    Why PureOC is the best!

    Hey guys, This has been on my mind a bit and I decided to share it. I've been on a lot of other forums keeping up with the news and what not, but I also joined another forum because I wanted to find out some info on a review that was supposedly hitting that site. I posted in few spots, read...
  5. Cyberburnout

    Welcome Nixeus to PureOC.

    Welcome Nixeus to PureOC Manufactures Corner. We are excited to see some of you new IPS displays and peripherals. :cheer::welcome::clap: http://www.nixeus.com/
  6. Cyberburnout

    Newest Core Members of PureOC!

    Would like to thank TeeBlack ,Ciarlatano and Smiki007 for being active and long standing members of the PureOC community. You have been upgraded to Core Members! :happy::evilbgone::punk: Smiki has also agreed to be one o the early morning Mods to help get rid of the silly spam before most of us...
  7. joshjaks

    Shout out for PureOC

    I just had to add this today after some stuff I saw. I follow Wccftech because they get some pretty good news a lot of times. That being said, their community can be absolutely horrible! Now some of this is attributed to opening up comments to the public with a simple facebook registration. On...
  8. Cyberburnout

    Upgrade my PC! Sponsored by Bitfenix, Kingston and PureOC

    Upgrade My PC!!! Ok folks so here is the deal. We at PureOC want to continue helping where we can. What better way then adding a little shine to some dull boxes. Yes we know you are proud of it because you painstakingly assembled all by yourself. We applaud that. However your box needs a bit...
  9. Cyberburnout

    PUreOC and NZXT FaceBook Giveaway 4-1 to 4-15-14

    Just wanted everyone to know in case they missed it, We have a new Facebook giveaway going right now. We partnered with NZXT to offer one lucky person a Kraken G10 GPU bracket and a Kraken X40 close loop cooler. If this is something you are interested in winning then get yourself over to...
  10. Cyberburnout

    Passing the torch. Leaving PureOC

    Hello everyone, I am sure many of you remember what transpired here and how it came to be that I am managing PureOC. Dave gave me a shot based on pure faith and I thank him. My time managing Pure has been a wonderful experience and I am proud to have been able to help keep Pure alive and...
  11. Cyberburnout

    PureOC Winter Giveaway Week 3 2013

    I hope everyone has been having some fun! Sadly this the final week of the Winter Giveaway. For this week we have some of the most recognizable names in PC technology sponsoring the awesome prizes. Thank you Gigabyte, Kingston, Primochill, Silverstone,Cougar and Noctua for being outstanding...
  12. Cyberburnout

    Photos of PureOC Winter Giveaway 2013!!

    Reserved for Prize pictures. Post them here once you receive your prize from the 2013 Winter Giveaway! Comments Welcome!
  13. Cyberburnout

    PureOC Winter Giveaway Week 2 2013

    Welcome back all of my wonderful tech loving friends! Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas as we began a new week of the PureOC Winter Giveaway! Big Congrats to all of the winners from the first week!:cheer: A lot of awesome prizes were won! It gets even better this Week! We have a wonderful list...
  14. Cyberburnout

    PureOC Winter Giveaway Week 1 2013

    The time has come for us to get started! Before you go any further, make sure you have read the RULES thread. It is very important that you follow directions. The thread is below. READ IT! Remember no cheating. This is suppose to be fun for everyone. Not just you winning something...
  15. Cyberburnout

    Coming Soon to PureOC

    December 15th -January 4th If you haven't already Register at PureOverClock now!
  16. S

    Hello PureOC!

    Hey guys. I'm Rick. I'm an old moderator and reviewer from TBCS, so if any of you guys recognize the screen name, yeah it's me! (I know Will is on here from TBCS, not sure about anyone else.) Anyway... I'm a displaced IT guy, former USMC Sergeant, husband, and father of 3. Though, not...
  17. mybadomen

    Looking to Sell 1 Bitcoin Via Paypal to honest person with some active time on PureOC

    Looking for a New way to get my USD to Paypal or my Bank Hiya Fellow Bitcoin Miners/Traders and PureOC members. MybadOmen "6100Mhps Miner" Hi Guys here is my problem which im sure allot of you are facing as well. First i converted my namecoins to Bitcoins on BTC-E and then sent them back...
  18. Doctor_Death

    PureOC's 2013 Annual Summer Giveaway !

    Hi Guys Pure OC's Annual Summer Giveaway will be starting Saturday, June 15th at 10am EST. Everyone entering the Giveaway will have to join each sponsors Facebook page as well as like their page, you will also be required to share the link to each sponsors giveaway thread. At least half of our...
  19. woomdawg

    Hello PUREOC !!

    Hello PUREOC community! Scott here, my friends call me woomdawg. WOOF Any way I am a 42 year old Subaru/Hyundai technician in the Hudson Valley of NY. I enjoy loud hard fast metal music, jeeps, video games, movies and general lounging.:roll: Both me and my fiancee are big Star Wars fans and we...
  20. JamesLT3

    PureOC Now ranked 1000 out of 216585 teams

    So im really excited, were now ranked #1000 out of 216,585 teams. We will break the quad digits sometime tonight or tomorrow. I know im the only one who folds but its still awesome!!! :p