1. joshjaks

    How much does Power Supply (PSU) quality affect overclocking?

    Hey guys! I've already read up on this so I have an idea, but I thought it would be beneficial to get some user experience on this. Obviously, a quality PSU will have an effect on system stability, but what should an overclocker really be looking at? I've read some views that say ripple and...
  2. TeeBlack

    Cryorig to reveal HLC's and PSU's

    new product lines on the way. CRYORIG COMPUTEX2015 | Research Idea Gear A Series Hybrid Liquid Cooling units IoT enabled PSU's
  3. Mystikhol9

    PSU question...

    I have a Rosewill Hive 750 watt psu that I am quite happy with as far as the psu itself goes. The cables are another matter. The pci-e cables are too short to rout through the back and the other problem is they're flat. I don't know what it is people like so much about them, but for me, it's...
  4. K

    Brand New Screaming PSU

    I just received my new Corsair HX850 in the mail yesterday. My old PSU had recently died. When I finally got everything plugged in and turned it on, it started to emit a high pitched screaming sound. I double checked that everything is plugged in as it should be and I can't find any problems...
  5. N

    Psu power requiered advice

    Hi, Ill go straight to the point. My planned spec are as follow I5 4690k Asus mitx Z97i plus 8 gig corsaire vangence c9 840 evo 250gig 1t western digital blue 7200 rpm Asus mini itx 970 gpu Corsair air 240 case Corsair h100i or else you could advise me So i was looking at corsair hx...
  6. F

    7950 crossfire with ocz zt 650w psu

    can i crossfire with my psu at the moment its pulling around 350w-380w with just 1 gpu but over clocked to 1200mhz-1500mhz from 925mhz-1250mhz i do not mine if i have to lower the oc or should i just get a 750w psu
  7. TeeBlack

    Super Flower Leadex 850 Psu

    These are some good psu's. too bad they are not sold in the US yet. Model Brand Super Flower Series Leadex Model SF-850F-14MP Type ATX Maximum Power 850W Fans 1 x 14cm PFC Active +12V Rails 1 Modular Cable Yes 100% modular cable design Input Voltage...
  8. F

    need help with psu for crossfire

    do i need a new psu for a 7850 crossfire specs are gigabyte 970-ud3p 8+2 phase, fx6300 @4.7 with 1.43 volts, gpu vtx3d 7850 1gb stock, xfx double d 7850 stock, g.skill 2x4gb 1600, corsair h100i aio, 1 ssd drive for boot 1 sata 500gb storage, liteon dvdrw , 6 case fans psu i have now is a tagan...
  9. W

    PSU opinion

    Hi guys I just bought this PSU for my rig SeventeamSeventeam I would like to know if it was a nice choice My rig is a 4770K @ 4.5 and GTX 780 SLI more 5 Har Drives And about a single ou multiple rail 12V? I don`t know if this PSU uses a single or multiple, and what`s the diference? Thanks guys
  10. marsden83

    Psu ???

    So my new build will consist off I5 4670k Asus h87-m plus Dark rock pro 3 cooler Kingston genesis 8gb DDR3 1tb Seagate barracuda 7200rpm 64gb kingston ssd Gtx 770 2 120mm led case fans an 1 120mm non led My question is this will a 600w - 650w psu be enough for this or would I have to go...
  11. N

    PSU Soft Rattle at Higher RPMS

    Hi all, I'm brand new here at the forums. I was referred here by The Vinnman. I have a Rosewill Hive 750. It's been working great and supports my i7 3770k OC'd @ 4.5 GHZ and the 780 Ti just fine. No power issues. My problem is that when plying games, the PSU fan ramps up a little, as I'm sure...
  12. xelosia

    FirePower Technology honors OCZ PSU warranties, keeps products alive

    FirePower Technology honors OCZ PSU warranties, keeps products alive | TweakTown
  13. TeeBlack

    Corsair new CS-M Series PSU's

    CS Series Modular PSUs: Gold-certified efficiency and modular cabling for low energy use and easy installation
  14. T

    HD 7770 & PSU question

    I just started pc gaming. I am building my system now and I am looking for answers. I am not looking to OC anything yet until I get some more experience under my belt on the topics. AMD, FX-6300 CROSSHAIR V FORMULA Z GEIL 16GB 2133Mhz RAM HD 7770 2GB DDR5 Now to support everything here what...
  15. S

    PSU Advice

    Got a new desktop (Second-hand from an acquaintance that built it himself) and I was told beforehand that the PSU was probably not strong enough. I've listed the specs of the desktop to the best of my abilities in my profile specs so my question is what strength of PSU will I be needing to...
  16. woomdawg

    Psu cover

    I am thinking about making psu cover for switch 810. I am not sure if I want to use acrylic or sheet metal. Can I get some advice, tips or experiences making one?
  17. C

    Any help selecting new PSU

    Current psu has been having issues lately, culminating in it dying on me today Looking to buy one for around £100 (slightly tempted by something like the hx850) Anyone have any advice? :unsure:
  18. automaton

    new psu?

    what do you think of this choice Seasonic SS-850HT silver
  19. TeeBlack

    Bitfenix PSU's

    BitFenix Fury PSU Series Unveiled | techPowerUp
  20. TeeBlack

    Corsair's Haswell PSU Compatibility List

    Blog - Haswell compatibility with Corsair power supplies looks like im good to go :thumbsupbig: