1. Shell_Shock

    Dota 2 Buid in Progress

    Me and my Dad (Killjoyjim) Have been working on my rig, it still needs a few things such as some better Ram and a lot of added cosmetics (A better card wouldn't hurt either :rofl:) but so far i'm very proud becasue it's my first build ever. I plan on finding a way to get some etchings or paint...
  2. DaBobzack

    Dream Computer in progress.

    So I've slowly compiled a group of items that I've considered my "Dream" build. Pre-Note I already have some of these things built up and I'm slowly getting this set of items, And working my ass off to do it. xD (high-school student) I'm kinda a amd and corsair fan xD. Cpu-AMD FX-8350...
  3. joshjaks

    New comp, progress thus far

    I've been wanting to start a thread showcasing my new comp, and when you work at a hospital on black friday, trust me, there's nothing better to do. I'll start with my earliest purchases first, price after rebates (only mentioned on hardware with rebates), and newegg links. Power Supply...
  4. Skyguy

    Work Log Guidelines

    The following are some simple guidelines to make your worklogs more accessible for everyone to enjoy! Please keep them related to PCs, not cars, houses, and so forth. 1. Thread Name: Please name the project in appropriate fashion; category with date;and keep titles short and sweet as...