1. calemus

    fight for the future (privacy advocates)

    copy paste from my email got to go to work, cant stay and play Hey there, Thanks for taking action with us recently. I'm writing because we have a unique opportunity right now to pass a law that will protect our rights to privacy and free speech. We need everyone to take action on this...
  2. TeeBlack

    Xbox One Privacy Cover for Kinect.

    Interworks Unlimited Announces The Xbox One Privacy Cover For Kinect 2
  3. xelosia

    Google: We Are Above UK Privacy Laws

    Talk about arrogance Ouote Google: We are above UK privacy laws | ZDNet
  4. calemus

    adobe flash invading your rights and privacy

    just spreading the word FlashPlayerPlugin_11_8_800_94.exe is being installed from Adobe - Install Adobe Flash Player it will NOT alow you to stop it from recording what you are doing, your microphone, and your video camera, storing data it records, or shutting down from task manager. even if...
  5. TeeBlack

    Privacy is dead!

    HP caught red-handed installing secret backdoors into their enterprise storage products :: TweakTown
  6. vinman

    Privacy is not dead

    I thought this was an interesting take on it all :) Editor's note: Jack Cheng is the author of "These Days," a novel about startups, modern relationships and the human side of technology. (CNN) -- I live my life in the open: I'm easily googleable, emailable, and you can figure out from my...
  7. TeeBlack

    Verizon customers may have no privacy left as NSA appear to be invading your privacy

    Verizon: No More Privacy For Customers - eTeknix
  8. calemus

    phones privacy and need

    so i need to get a cell phone LAST week i do not have a choice anymore but im never going to be able to accept the idea of "forfeiting any right to privacy" as the law states a cellphone owner does so i'm looking at as a way to take control of an android device but they dont...
  9. Skyguy

    Kingston 256GB DataTraveler USB Flash Drive

    The Kingston 256GB DataTraveler 310 USB flash drive features hardware-based encryption in a small and sleek package, offering insane storage capacity in a beautifully small and portable format. Encryption, portability, and extreme capacity don't come cheap though. Hellno. But we don't care...