1. SamCR3

    Opinions on 20 min. Prime95 Run

    Couldn't sleep so I decided to see how well my new Zalman CNPS9900 Max cools on a Prime95 run of about 20. My 1100T is oc'd to just 3.7GHz with a Vcore of 1.392. I compared these results to the results posted in the recent H100/H80 and Antec 920 reviews, which were tested on an 1100T oc'd to...
  2. P

    Prime95 self stop?

    I was running prime95 then went and watched TV waiting for the temps to level, went back to check after 45 minutes seemed to be fine but then and hour and fifteen minutes after that I checked and some of the workers had stopped running. Is this normal?
  3. Deton

    IntelBurnTest vs. Prime95 vs. OCCT vs. CoreDamage

    Core i7 owners; Which the following stability software do you use to test your overclocked i7? IntelBurnTest 1.9v Prime95 2.9v OCCT 3.0v If you picked #1 and been using it to test your i7 rig then you should considering re-test your overclock. Because your rig is not stable. IntelBurnTest 1.9v...