1. S

    IIAMA refresh 144HZ -soon after power outage booted with lower value

    Hello. My pc: *Asus Z170-P with 6700K cpu *Corsair 750 RM *Gtx 1080 Ti Founder Edition *Monitor Red Eagle IIyama 24' 1080p 144hz plugged by display port cable to GFX. Few days ago i get power outage. Pc was running in fire strike benchmark. At the same time my mother was powering on...
  2. joshjaks

    How much does Power Supply (PSU) quality affect overclocking?

    Hey guys! I've already read up on this so I have an idea, but I thought it would be beneficial to get some user experience on this. Obviously, a quality PSU will have an effect on system stability, but what should an overclocker really be looking at? I've read some views that say ripple and...
  3. W

    Titan X SLI and power limit doubt

    Hi guys I just got 2 Titans X and was taking a look at MSI Afterburner What the power limit does? I read something at the internet but it`s not 100% clear to me Here i can improve from 100 (Default) to 110 (Max) If i improve will it improva my performance? Even without changing the core...
  4. joshjaks

    Mobo Power Phase Opinions

    Hey Guys, Been racking my brain over new stuff since I recently finished my last cert and decided to look at power phases. The ASRock Extreme6 and Gigabyt GA-Z97-UD5H-BK both use a 12 phase power delivery design. Something like the MSI Z97 Gaming 5 only uses an 8 phase one. Question: Does the...
  5. N

    Psu power requiered advice

    Hi, Ill go straight to the point. My planned spec are as follow I5 4690k Asus mitx Z97i plus 8 gig corsaire vangence c9 840 evo 250gig 1t western digital blue 7200 rpm Asus mini itx 970 gpu Corsair air 240 case Corsair h100i or else you could advise me So i was looking at corsair hx...
  6. Mystikhol9

    How to choose a power supply for a liquid cooled system?

    Water, water, water, everywhere and none of it you can drink! I'm trying to learn a few things about building a liquid cooled system so that when I can actually afford it, I'll know how to choose the parts. The one thing on my mind the most, is making sure there is enough power. For now, based...
  7. F

    GTX770 Power Limit

    I have a GIGABYTE GV-N770OC-4GD (GIGABYTE GV-N770OC-4GD GeForce GTX 770 4GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 HDCP Ready WindForce 3X 450W Video Card - Newegg.com). In the latest vesion of MSI Afterburner, the power target would go up to 102%. The TDP of the card is 230W. But the cooler is rated...
  8. xelosia

    Japan Plans to Have a Power Plant in Space in a Decade

    LOL shades of simcity Japan Plans to Have a Power Plant in Space in a Decade | Motherboard
  9. xelosia

    Ultimate Power. The new GeForce GTX TITAN Z

    Ultimate Power. The new GeForce GTX TITAN Z | GeForce http://ca.ign.com/articles/2014/03/25/nvidia-announces-5k-ready-geforce-gtx-titan-z
  10. calemus

    uninteruptable power supply

    so im looking online for a ups that will last through a few hours of our local blackouts what i'm looking at on ebay is coming in at around 300 bucks for the absolute best deal (damaged case products) link on the egg the best deal looks like half the specs for 319 CyberPower Rackmount...
  11. TeeBlack

    Corsair shows off their AX1500i power supply and Hydro Series H105 AIO.

    Corsair shows AX1500i Power Supply - Corsair - News : ocaholic http://www.ocaholic.ch/modules/news/article.php?storyid=8751
  12. xelosia

    1-megawatt cold fusion power plant now available – yours for just $1.5 million

    1-megawatt cold fusion power plant now available ? yours for just $1.5 million | ExtremeTech
  13. Mystikhol9

    Power Trouble - Gateway CX210X

    I recently did some work on my daughter's convertible laptop. I replaced the cpu, the panel assembly and upgraded the hdd. Before, it would turn on but nothing else, and now it starts just enough for the fan to turn on, then goes dead. I know it's an old laptop but funds are too tight for an...
  14. TeeBlack

    Corsair new RM series of power supplies

  15. Razorz

    Power supply question

    I've come to the realisation that if you want extreme gaming performance your computer will have to roar like a jet engine... Wasn't cool with that. So I put my entire system under water and can't hear a single component whilst idle or when gaming from the radiator fans.. However, the power...
  16. xelosia

    Seat of Power: the computer workstation for the person with everything

    Quote Seat of Power: the computer workstation for the person with everything | Ars Technica
  17. C

    The power of giving

    This article features two of my best friends conducting one of their many experiments. I'm extremely proud to know these guys! The power of giving | Your online newspaper for Kitchener, Ontario
  18. Elit3

    What's your pc's total power on time?

    On my old Dell, well, get ready to be shocked. - 356 days 16 hours.
  19. CaddyGuy420

    MSI Big Bang-X Power II VS. ASRock Extreme 11 Selection Question

    Question: Do you think It would be better to go with the ASRock Extreme 11 or get the MSI Big Bang-X Power II with a PCI-E addon card for additional SATA ports on a LGA2011 build? The Setup: I have a hard drive switch that I made for switching boot drives to swtich between 3 boot drives. So...
  20. xelosia

    NVIDIA: We Let AMD Power the PS4

    Quote DailyTech - NVIDIA: We Let AMD Power the PS4