1. xelosia

    Star Trek Beyond - Trailer (2016) - Paramount Pictures

  2. Mystikhol9

    Pictures To Wallpaper

    Hello one and all! We have a bunch of pic's of our husky that I would turn into wallpaper. I have the Nero software that came with my ASUS dvd drive, but, after going through it's features, it seems that function is not in it. So, what do I need, how do I do it, and is there a free media suite...
  3. killjoyjim

    Cant post pictures.

    I am having problems posting pictures.I want to up date POW/MIA & my AzzillA build. But it wont download my pic. :shrug:Just a re dot pop's up.
  4. L

    GTX 670 Pictures & Benchmarks Leaked

  5. L

    Panasonic GX1 video and pictures leaked
  6. Deliverance

    Moving pictures.

    What are the odds of PureOC doing videos with reviews? This seems to be catching on like wildfire. Not just a video review, but a video supplement to a written review. I know Jake has done a couple of small video snippets in his extreme cooling articles. Be nice to see this in case reviews. A...
  7. Skyguy

    ATP PhotoFinder Mini

    The ATP PhotoFinder Mini is a synched GPS tracking device that essentially Geotags your photos, adding the coordinates of the location to the image’s EXIF-data, which can then be interpreted and used in an application such as Google Earth, for example. This could also be very useful for visual...
  8. intex

    Finally finished pics

    Finally got around to putting the top on my case, I kind of lost interest in this stuffs. it says gtx but its an ultra, they dont make a block that says ultra :( Tygon 1/2 ID and DD reservoir, Liang D5 single speed pump 4Gb Gskill With OCZ dual 90 mm fan cooler Silverstone 150Cfm...
  9. C

    Counting with pictures

    Hey all, Seen this on a few forums now and thought it is a great idea. How high can we count by using numbers in images. I'll kick things off. A link to the images original source is also required. And keep your images under 400px (preferably 320px) to keep...