1. C

    GTS 250 for PhysX

    I have this old GTS 250 collecting dust and just got Borderlands 2. I thought that maybe I could use the GTS 250 for PhysX? I was wondering.. if I put the GTS 250 card in an x4 slot, would it hinder performance at all?
  2. Smiki007

    Do I need and which graphic card for PhysX

    I already have two GTX 780 in SLI. Do I need another graphic card for PhysX or not. What will be the benefit of having an dedicated card for PhysX and which model you can suggest me. Thanks.
  3. C

    Physx with AMD?

    Anyone have any experience running physx with both an amd and nvidia card together? I currently have a 7950 and want to run physx on my gtx 660, I've heard it was possible (well, a while ago when I last upgraded to an AMD card), and was wondering if anyone had any advice/links to guides...
  4. woomdawg


    So I got my 780 sc acx today and I want to install my 460 2gb as a physx card. Do I need any special drivers? Or do I just pop it in and enable it as a physx prosessor in the nvidia control panel?
  5. L

    Borderlands 2 PhysX demonstration

    Borderlands® 2 kicks-ass on the PC! Check out this preview of Borderlands 2 running on a GeForce® GTX graphics card with all settings on high. Loaded with NVIDIA®'s PhysX® technology, you'll notice in the video that Borderlands 2 includes an incredible number of particle debris that...
  6. kako

    Gpu for physx ?!!

    hey guys so i got gtx 590 and i want to install another card and keep to physx so i could use all 3gb vram of 590 !! any ideas ??
  7. L

    The PLA DirectX 11 & PhysX Benchmark

    Put Your System Through Its Paces Available for download here.
  8. Juggalo23451

    Nvidia 295.73 driver does not have the currnet physx driver

    Here is the most current physx driver
  9. Skyguy

    EVGA GTX 560 Ti SC

    EVGA is a company known for pushing high overclocks on their graphics cards and today's GTX 560 Ti Superclocked (SC) version is no exception. With some fantastic horsepower under the hood for the price, and coupled with a strong factory overclock, the EVGA GTX 560 Ti SC looks to offer a great...
  10. Skyguy

    ASUS GeForce GTS 450 TOP 1GB

    As we know though, not all cards are created equal, and the ASUS GeForce GTS 450 TOP 1GB is a case in point. It takes the Nvidia reference design and injects some steroid-like features into the mix, with a custom heatsink, improved power distribution, voltage tweaking, and an aggressive...
  11. Skyguy

    SPARKLE GeForce GTX 460 768MB

    Today we're looking at the SPARKLE GTX 460 768MB, which is based on the reference Nvidia design. While we don't want to tip our hand just yet, let's say that it brings some extremely attractive features to the table. Nvidia looks to be on the rebound with the GTX 460 and SPARKLE looks...