1. Cyberburnout

    Photos of PureOC Winter Giveaway 2013!!

    Reserved for Prize pictures. Post them here once you receive your prize from the 2013 Winter Giveaway! Comments Welcome!
  2. Doctor_Death

    Crucial M500 Photos and test results

    Here you go guys:
  3. xelosia

    Mind-boggling software pops 3D objects out of your old photos

    Quote Mind-boggling software pops 3D objects out of your old photos | News | TechRadar
  4. Primochill

    Leaked...Primochill's Wet Bench Prices and Photos !

    As Promised, Forum & Group members would get the first look and information on Primochill Products, So Today i introduce you to the New Improved Incredible Tool Less "Primochill Wet Bench" that so many have been waiting for. As you can see in the Album they will come in a White,Black or Clear...
  5. Doctor_Death

    Photos from Pure OC's 2013 Summer Giveaway !

    Hi Guys. I would appreciate if everyone that wins a prize or prizes in our 2013 summer Giveaway to start posting photos of your prize or prizes in this thread. WE have giving away close to 30 prizes so far, with at least 6 more weeks of Giveaways to go, so lets start posting your photos ...
  6. Doctor_Death

    NZXT Kraken CPU Coolers have arrived ! Photos added

    Hey Guys FedEx just delivered the Kraken X40 & X60 ! I'll try to get a couple of photos posted later this evening. Due to my wife having to work Christmas day, we are having Christmas dinner today.
  7. Doctor_Death

    Work Log for Sapphire Project

    I'll have the Switch 810 back from being painted by the end of next week, we kept the black interior and went with the silver metal flake, the artwork and Sapphire logo on on the right side panel, and our Pure OC's logo on the left side panel along the side of the window. Photos can be seen in...
  8. Doctor_Death

    New photos from Punxsy

    Took the photos this afternoon
  9. ccold


    Check out our website for more info: Plug and play chilled liquid unit Installed chilled liquid system (overclocked to 5.2). CPU temp never exceeded 52C.
  10. ReU_VOoDOo

    VOoDOo's photos

    Hey guys, just realized that we have a photography section so I thought you guys might like to see some cool pics! My wife just got me a new camera for my birthday so I am getting back into photography. Ill start off with my trip to the Capitol building here in Austin Texas. I have been there...
  11. bullydog

    User Photos of Apogee HD

    So I just got my Swiftech Apogee HD and quickly over the weekend took apart my loop, drained out the coolant and replaced my CPU waterblock with the new Swiftech Apogee HD, just some photos for you to enjoy;)
  12. L

    Photos AMD Radeon HD 7770 GPU
  13. Doctor_Death

    Intel DX79SL 3960X 32GB Tease Photos

    Hi Guys Here's the photos I promised you, I'll be working on overclocking the 3960X this weekend.
  14. L

    New Software System For Realistically Adding Objects Into Photos
  15. Doctor_Death

    ECS X79R Deluxe and Extreme photos

    here you go, hot off the press, ECS X79R Deluxe and Extreme motherboard photos
  16. L

    Full Resolution Photos from the New iPhone 4S Camera
  17. Skyguy

    i-gotU GPS Travel Logger

    Today we will be looking at the i-gotU GT-600 USB GPS Travel & Sports Logger. If the name or description has you at a loss, this tiny pocket-sized device packs a punch. Not only does it tell you where you are in real time but it can track the calories you burn during the day (how much...