1. TeeBlack

    NZXT Phantom Windowed 630

    Phantom 630 Windowed Edition - NZXT
  2. xD3aDPooLx

    NZXT Phantom 530

    You guys have been anxiously waiting... So here it is! Aiming to ship late August worldwide. PHANTOM 530 NOW AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER! INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING ALSO OFFERED ON ALL ORDERS! Come and get it!
  3. Solara2xb

    My AMD NZXT Phantom 630 in CPU Mag

    So today I got my copy of CPU Mag in the mail. I was browsing and not thinking anything of it and saw my AMD Rig posted from the Intel Lan Event I attended a while back. My buddy Eric got me a seat and he sat next to me. His Rig was in there also.. Of the 150+ rigs that were there, I am...
  4. TeeBlack

    NZXT Phantom 530

    Phantom 530 - NZXT
  5. xelosia

    Phantom Flex4K - "Let me know when you see Fire"

    Amazing detail in the footage Quote - First footage from the new Phantom Flex4K - "Let me know when you see Fire" on Vimeo
  6. Solara2xb

    Nzxt Phantom 630 + AMD + EK WaterBlocks

    I posted this into the water gallery, but here is my list of components for the build and some final pics of the build completed. I spent 1-2 hours todays installing the PSU wires. Got it up and running for some pics. Build Parts: Case: NZXT Phantom 630 (white) Mobo: Asus 990FX...
  7. xelosia

    NZXT Phantom 630 Mod Contest

    NZXT :: Unique. Unprecendented. Inspired - NZXT Phantom 630 Mod Contest
  8. rickss69

    NZXT Phantom Enthusiast

    Case arrived this evening in one pretty much looks like I imagined it would. This one is to be the final resting place for my 980X/Classified combo. I really can't see myself ever needing anything more powerful than this considering the little needs I actually have...
  9. P

    [Build Log] Project Mini Me - M-ATX Phantom, 3820, RIVG, 7970, watercooled

    The Plan: Make a Phantom go from this: To this: And stuff a whole lot of awesome in it. A couple things to note about this build: -The above pic was done in MS Paint as a reference point. The plan is to shorten the height by 6" and the length by 3.5". The final will have 2 5.25"...
  10. paopaovocal

    NZXT Phantom black & white "Zen phantom" ^ ^

    Here is my build logs.I'm so sorry I did not took its photo step by step. Please left your comments and I will accept to improve my rigs.^ ^ My hardware. waiting for recoating to white pearl. fittings clean up motherboard. swiftech apogee HD GTX580 with bitspower...
  11. C

    Phantom Devices

    I found this and thought I'd share it! 1. To permanently display the ‘Phantom‘ devices in Device Manager, right-click Computer > Properties > Advanced System Settings > Advanced Tab > Environment Variables at the bottom. Click "New". Enter "devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices" in the "Variable...
  12. TeeBlack

    Nzxt Phantom 820

    Btw the Switch 810 window panel fits on this case if you can get it separate NZXT :: Unique. Unprecendented. Inspired - Phantom 820 Product Detail
  13. Kaged

    Lucky 13 - NZXT Phantom featuring the new Primochill Compression Tube Res!

    Hi everyone! I'm pretty new to the PureOC scene here, but this will be the first time posting this build log outside of facebook. I just completed this mod earlier tonight, and got some free time to make a log. System Specs are Asus CrosshairFormula V AMD FX-8120 @4.6Ghz 16GB G.Skill...
  14. Adham

    China's ghost towns and phantom malls

    Well i found an article about this like a month ago over internet, and today i had a flashback about this, so i wanted to share this in here, its an interesting subject tho, anyways... "The city is a virtual ghost town, with empty shops and unused roads," according to an article in Business...
  15. Skyguy

    NZXT Phantom 410

    The NZXT Phantom 410 Mid-Tower includes room for the larger video cards, and sports an acrylic window for your viewing pleasure, plus water cooling features with room for a 240mm/280mm radiator, and a modular design. Click NZXT Phantom 410 for the full review.
  16. L

    Gainward GTX680 Phantom

    Gainward officially announces GTX 680 Phantom
  17. andreass

    Phantom 590

    Hey again! Got the rest of the parts today and have started putting things in. However I got a question about the cooler. Where exactly should I put the power cable from the pump? The manual says that I should put it in the CPU fan header. However that is 4-pin and the cable from the pump is...
  18. Skyguy

    NZXT Phantom

    NZXT first previewed the Phantom at Computex 2010 and then only as a little teaser to whet our appetites. The release date is now scheduled for early September at the latest and will be available in Black, White and Red with a suggested MSRP of $139 USD. We've got the pre-release first...