1. windwithme

    Outstanding Design and Performance - Deep Look into New MSI GE63VR 7RF Raider

    Over the recent years, MSI has been focusing on the high level and mid-range gaming marketing with 3 main series: The finest is the GT series that pursues maximum performance; the 2nd is the GS series with its slim & light but good performance; the 3rd is the GE series in the middle ground...
  2. C

    Performance Issue

    I have a Kingston 128gb SSDNow TSSTcorp CDDVDW. It is showing 58.5gb free space. I just ran Windows 7 Professional 64bit perfomance rating and it checked out at 69 down from 70. All other checks are in the mid to upper 70's. Any suggestions on how to increase the performance of this SSD?
  3. windwithme

    MSI GT72S Dominator Pro GTX980 and the extreme performance of OC

    In pace with the growth of the gaming laptop market and major brands releasing more types of products due to the competition, MSI took an early start on the market. Releasing many product lines after 2011, today MSI already had 4 main gaming notebook segmentations, from low-end to high-end...
  4. Smiki007

    AMD "ZEN" Next Generation High Performance X86 Core

    AMD?s 2016-2017 x86 Roadmap: Zen Is In, Skybridge Is Out
  5. Smiki007

    EVGA Announce High Performance Memory

    EVGA - Articles - EVGA High Performance Memory
  6. windwithme

    Extreme Performance with 10 Years Warranty - SanDisk Extreme PRO Review

    Users’ impression of SanDisk mostly is memory card brand. Actually, they have been working for high speed SSD for long time. The main product line is Extreme series. Two years ago, I have test the first generation SanDisk Extreme 240GB. Last year, they unveil Extreme II and this year is Extreme...
  7. xelosia

    Intel unveils new Xeon chip with integrated FPGA, touts 20x performance boost

    Intel unveils new Xeon chip with integrated FPGA, touts 20x performance boost | ExtremeTech
  8. realneil

    R9-280X OC Crossfire Performance

    R9-280X OC Crossfire Performance. First pic is without, and the second has crossfire enabled on my two R9-280X OC cards. I'm happy with the results.
  9. windwithme

    More Powerful 6C12T Multitasking Performance - Intel Core i7-4960X Guide

    Intel launched LGA 2011Extreme platform at the end of 2011. It?s different position as annual renewed LGA 1155 or LGA 1150. LGA 2011 CPU refresh cycle is longer and having simple product line. CPU usually has 3 models. Mostly is using X79 chipset. LGA 2011 launched three Core i7 CPU,Sandy...
  10. D

    XMP resulted in no real performance gain in Benchmarking

    So I have the Triple Channel setup of DDR3-1600 memory and like most I caught on to the fact that it was only running at 1066. So Long story short I switched my BIOS to XMP Mode which ups both the Memory and slightly oc's the CPU to keep everything in sync. Oddly, I benchmarked using both the...
  11. TeeBlack

    AMD teases 45% increase in performance for Battlefield 4 using Mantle

    AMD teases 45% increase in performance for Battlefield 4 using Mantle | TweakTown
  12. D

    i7-950 Performance Issues

    Hi all... I was hoping for some help here. I apparently don't know as much about building my own computer as I thought I did because something seems to be wrong with my setup. The computer is a couple years old now and all this time I thought my struggles with my game playing (CodMW2, and...
  13. calemus

    amd fx performance adjustment

    back in the day (fx-8150??) there was an 8 core that was a huge problem in it's interaction with windows i do remember there was a driver update that amd passed through windows update to improve on the performance my question is this besides over clocking, what all can we do to tailor and...
  14. Mgutierrez33

    780Ti performance in FireStrike leaked This link is courtesy of I have to say, as an nVidia fan I might be a teensy bit on the offended side if these results continue to hold up. Anyone who bought a Titan can now evidently...
  15. windwithme

    Full HD resolution performance gaming laptop - MSI GE60 2OE introduction

    Intel just launched the latest Haswell platform this June, PC and NB brand keep refreshing their product lines, the Notebook platform runs faster than before, there are lots of new platform products in the market right now. MSI focused on the high performance and gaming platform, and refreshed...
  16. windwithme

    GIGABYTE Mid-High End Performance Model - Z87X-OC Guide

    GIGABYTE launched very rich product line for Intel latest Haswell. Haswell chipset has the most high end Z87, mainstream H87 and B85 and entry H81. Of course, more high-end chipset has more features and expandability. MB price is also higher. GIGABYTE in high-end Z87 has OC series and G1 series...
  17. B

    AMD Core Performance Boost

    Does anyone have an explanation, or a link to explain this feature?- I have searched online and found a few resources, most of which are for other platforms other than the FM2 Socket processors. In my bios I have tried enabling CPB and Turbo CPB. If I am correct, this means that when the...
  18. A

    SSD lost its performance...???

    Hi again, I want to post about the issue i have with my SSD, it is a Samsung 840 Pro 512GB, installed in my latest laptop, i the beginning it performed excellent or great, but within the time and almost more than 70% filled, it is not slow and boot to windows 7 in about 50 seconds or 1 minutes...
  19. L

    GeForce GTX 770 Performance

  20. windwithme

    Design for Extreme Performance SSD - CORSAIR Neutron GTX

    These years, Solid-State Drive becomes key weapon to enhance PC performance. For 3D performance, VGA is the key. For multi-tasking and graphic design, high end CPU is the must. Besides these, for on/off PC, saving files or executing programs all need SSD. Intel and AMD launched several native...