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  1. ahmysin

    Indie PC Game Review: Why So Evil

    Full review : Indie PC Game Review: Why So Evil - Dragon Blogger Technology Here I'm still not able to get through level 31 :v though it's a smooth run to level 19 with 0 deaths mostly :3 Thoughts guys? And it also seems like my first post after quit a long time :D
  2. JamesLT3

    [GMG] Dishonored $24.00

    Greenmen Gaming has Dishonored for $29.99 use the code below and it drops the price to $24.00 Dishonored | PC game | Download discounts at Green Man Gaming GMG20-1FYLZ-EDG8R
  3. News Team

    EA positive about PC's gaming future

    EA's CEO John Riccitiello believes that PC gaming is not on a decline, and that it has been "categorized wrongly" by a focus on retail sales. Read the full story here...