1. S

    A paste from Windows Clipboard sometimes converted into an attachment by Telegram

    Telegram Desktop usually does not, and all is well, but at times, it stubbornly refuses to follow its usual excellent routine, and instead turns an image pasting from the Windows Clipboard into an attachment instead. What can be going wrong ? I'm using x32Win10ProV20H2. I have tried often and...
  2. killjoyjim

    Gpu paste?

    I was just thinking.Do you need to change the tim on youre GPU like you do youre CPU?:shrug:
  3. W

    Thermal Paste Suggestion

    HI guys I have a 3770k @ 4.5 and i`m using Mx4 on it I was thinking to change my thermal paste I was looking for: Tuniq Tx2 - Extreme Tuniq Tx4 Gelid GC Extreme Wich one you recommend? Other sugestion? I will use with a H100 cooler Thanks
  4. Pwnography6

    (Review) Junpus DX1 Thermal Paste

    (Review) Junpus DX1 Nano Diamond Thermal Grease: Junpus DX1 Thermal Paste: Thermal paste has come a long way since the days of the old stock OEM white gloop, with companies striving to offer the best thermal interface we are seeing more advanced compounds all the time. Enter...
  5. Deton

    Thermal Compounds Roundup

    Thermal compound play an important role in computer and electronic cooling, it can make or break your cooler cooling performance efficiency. Currently we have over hundreds thermal interface materials available on the market. They are all claims to be the best for overclockers, the best thermal...
  6. Skyguy

    Tuniq TX-3

    The Tuniq TX-3 thermal compound is an evolution of its popular predecessor, the TX-2, and promised peak cooling performance toward keeping your CPU cool under load. Let's take a look as we drop some onto a highly overclocked Core i7 monster and see if it can live up to those claims. Click...