1. Smiki007

    Painting the GPU Backplate

    I have two EK GTX Titan/780 Backplates (shown below), and I would like to paint them to red (to match the colors of my R4E board). I was thinking to use the Rust-Oleum Glosy Red Spay paint (same as the pic below the backplate). I'll just paint front side of the backplate (no the side which is in...
  2. JamesLT3

    Case Painting Questions

    So im going to start painting my case this weekend and have a few questions.Ive never painted a case before and have no idea what im doing. Ill only be painting the sides,front,top and back,ill be leaving the inside black. On to the questions 1.Do i need to sand where ever im going to paint...
  3. Fuganater

    Steampunk Lighting and Painting for my next mod "Steampunk'd TJ11"

    Just thought I would share what I'm working on. My next mod is going to be a Steampunk'd TJ11. I'm modding some old Vacuume Tubes so I can add LEDs to them and light them up. I CAREFULLY drilled a hole in the bottom of the tube. Orange is just a test color. I'll actually be using a...
  4. Geralt

    Case Modding - Project Golden Armor

    So like I promised I'll do a bit of modding of my case and a work log out of it . At first I've done a bit of external paint job: temporary soultion durin the painting: everything drying up: finished exteroir: now next thing isgonna be internals...... I bought dremel yesterday so...