Overly Undecided On AMD FX 9500 Series

    Happy Holidays All! Hello, guys, I hope I don't get flamed heavily for bringing this question into the conversation, I do know that the AMD FX 9590 4.7GHz (8-core) probably has been featured heavy on the forums. I've read a plethora of reviews good & bad, from sites such as amazon, newegg &...
  2. D

    Help with overclocking 980x and Asus P6T

    Hello :) My old 980x CPU is starting to show its age and I'd like to overclock at this point to something very stable over the long term. Ive overclocked before to 3.8ghz but I'd like to go s little higher now if possible. I've read people hitting 4.3-4.5ghz but I'm doubtful if that's going to...
  3. joshjaks

    How much does Power Supply (PSU) quality affect overclocking?

    Hey guys! I've already read up on this so I have an idea, but I thought it would be beneficial to get some user experience on this. Obviously, a quality PSU will have an effect on system stability, but what should an overclocker really be looking at? I've read some views that say ripple and...
  4. Smiki007

    Intel Blocks Skylake 'Non-K' Overclocking With New Chip Update

    Intel will shut the door on a trick used to make the company's processors run faster than intended. Until now, speed fanatics could squeeze out better performance from cheap chips using a technique known in tech circles as "overclocking." Read full story here and here
  5. joshjaks

    FINALLY! Someone did some legit Fury overclocking

    First things first: the Fury chip is NOT an overclocker's dream. I've held out hope for so long, but the chip just doesn't push well. With that out of the way, the HBM can push pretty well. First, it's nice that Sapphire made a custom PCB for the card with the Nitro Version. Their latest TriXX...
  6. D

    Overclocking Corsair Vengeance 32gb Kit

    I have 4 sticks of Corsair Vengeance 8gb DDR3 1866mhz ram for a total of 32gb. My motherboard is an Asus Rampage IV Extreme and I would like to overclock my ram to the best possible speed. I have tried using some of the build in presets to bump up the speed but everything I try will not stay...
  7. Ciarlatano

    Overclocking 8350 on a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3

    A friend of mine asked for help with this setup, and it's been a looooooong time since I have seen this board or done any AMD OC. While I know the general principles, I can't recall how anything is labeled in this BIOS. Can some of you AMD users help out?
  8. ShrimpBrime

    FX De-lid and overclocking FX-9590

    Hello everyone. First post. Kinda going to "show off" some pictures of a recent de-lidding of my FX-9590. This was my second attempt at de-lidding this part number. The first one suffered damage to the PCB as I tried to cut the glue around the edges. The particular razor I used is a shaving...
  9. D

    Extreme overclocking AMD10 7850K, AIR COOLERS.

    Hello, I would like to do the extreme overclocking of AMD10 7850K with AIR COOLERS. My Cabinet Corsair Graphite 780T Full-Tower, has already installed three fans, I can install three more, so as to improve the ventilation. I would avoid the water cooling, because I know that it may cause a...
  10. W

    Overclocking Titan X (Easy Template) Need Help

    HI guys how are you? I have 2 Titan X SLI here I wanna start to OC the VGA but never did it before, i saw some templates at some websites but i wanna know untill when i`ll be safe, can you guys help me? I tried this template here and tested with 3dmark firestrike, got 20628 point As i...
  11. D

    OVERCLOCKING FROM 4.5 TO 5.0 Ghz AMD10 7850K, asrock extr.6, LOW-PROFILE COOLERS

    Hello, for this configuration, I would like to do the overclock, AMD A10 7850K ,mb Asrock extreme6, cabinet Corsair Graphite 780T Full-Tower, I prefer LOW-PROFILE COOLERS What a type suggest LOW PROFILE AIR COOLERS me for an overclock from 4,5 To 5.0 Ghz ? Thanks.
  12. B

    Trying to get into overclocking

    Hello, I'm new to overclocking, and new to this forum. I have parts coming in for my second computer, and I was wanting to learn as much as possible about overclocking, before it all comes in. I have very little knowledge about overclocking, and I really want to get into doing overclocking. I...
  13. djmanmatt1

    Overclocking a AMD-9590?

    So I'm trying to get my 9590 to 5ghz stable this is my first time overclocking I've watched a few videos, followed the one Jay posted with the 8350 I think, but no success. I get a blue screen or overclocked failed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks My specs are, CPU AMD FX-9590 MBO...
  14. Smiki007

    Overclocking HyperX Beast 1866MHz

    Few days ago I have replaced my 64GB Dominator Platinum 1600MHz RAM, I couldn't overclock them even for a 10MHz, with these 64GB pack (HyperX Beast 1866 MHz), and after just 5min I was able to overclock them to 2133MHz (only loosing the timings a little), this memory rocks:rock:
  15. R

    Alienware X58 MOBO Overclocking

    Sorry to bring up something that I'm sure has been discussed. I have had my rig for awhile, upgraded it many times. Never manualy overclocked it just ran with the overclock setting 1 in my BIOs. My Bios version is A11. Red some pretty good threads on how to overclock the old Bloomfield i7-920...
  16. S

    First Time Overclocking - i7 950

    This i my first time attempting to overclock a system. CPU: i7 950 @ 3.07ghz GPU: GTX 660ti Software installed: CPU-Z, IntelBurnTest, Real Temp, GPU-Z Any tips/recommendations on what I should be looking for while overclocking so i dont screw up my system.?
  17. turbobooster

    new to overclocking x79 info please

    Hello guys, i have a little question, i,m NOT a compleet geak to overclocking, but i, am with the x79 chipset, and o o what a lot of new options i have on my new mobo haha. i,m on 4.5ghz now, and that is what i want 24/7, on air. so i would like to now do these temps look good???
  18. S

    Need help overclocking (virgin)

    I am a complete noob when it comes to this kind of stuff. I Just build this new computer a few months ago and really would like some help overclocking to boost my gaming performance. I don't know what kind of info I need to give you guys to help me out but here are my specs. Power Supply...
  19. whenyournex2me

    G skill overclocking

    Hello again, I have purchased 4 x 2gb ddr3 dual channel memory for my build and am wondering if anyone has experience over-clocking these modules? I also want to ask a random question, is it worth it? will I see a significant performance increase if I had overclocked the memory from 1333 stock...
  20. S

    Greetings and help! New to forum, need advice on computer build

    Hi to all. I am new to this site and recently re-introducing myself to forums and the world of computers. I have little knowledge but am keen to delve into a build of sorts. The computer in question is a running X6 1090T on a Gigabyte GA-880G-UDH3 fully operational but with cheap PSU, case, no...