1. Biff73

    i9 9900K Overclock help?

    Need help with my newly built i9 9900k, mobo is Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Elite, ram is Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 3200Mhz 4x16gb ,any advice would be appreciated,using an Id cooling Auraflow X 360 AIO,Thanks
  2. Biff73

    AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Overclock help

    Hi guys,I just bought a Ryzen 7 3700X,Gigabyte X570 gaming X mobo & Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3200 2x 16gb kit.The last AMD CPU I had my hands on would be a 1050,so I'm basically lost when it comes to AMD CPU,any help would be greatly appreciated,Thanks
  3. C

    Is it possible to Manually Overclock 4790K on GA-H97-D3H

    Hi friends I am new here. Want to overclock 4790K on GA-H97-D3H. Update to latest bios version F7. My old mobo B85M-D3H dead now and hardly got new mobo H97-D3H. Didn't install windows 10 but attach HDD to new mobo and its install new drivers etc etc... by itself. Now the Problem is that on...
  4. turbobooster

    new system overclock settings oke

    hello guys, so i dumped my fx 8320 system for a good price and for the same price i bought this 1. oke its no skylake but its good for now. 4670k maximus hero z87 32gb corsair dominator platinum 1600mhz c10 gtx 780ti (gaming on 1920x1080) seidon 120mm cooler i overclocked it to 4.5ghz ad...
  5. F

    Rockit 88 Intel CPU Delidder

    Rockit Cool launches de-lidding tool Kickstarter | bit-tech.net Someone'sgone and made a deliding tool, and its cheaper than the delid-die mate.
  6. J

    Titan Black Overclock Help/advice

    Hello everyone I'm new on here, haven't posted before, so hello to one ​and all, I'm here to learn and hopefully be able to help new people to overclocking like myself one day. I've been researching now for the past few months with regards to an overclocking problem I'm encountering wth my...
  7. F

    best way to overclock 8350

    would be the beat way to overclock my 8350, just using multi or using the bclk i know if i use the blck i will have to add some volts to the nb and ht link
  8. Shinlarety

    i7 4790k & MSI Gaming 5 overclock help?

    Hi :) I have the MSI Gaming 5 board and an Intel 4790k CPU. I'm a complete n00b when it comes to these things so I've just been running the auto-overclock feature which keeps the clocks at a constant 4400 MHz. I'd prefer a manual overclock at something closer to 47~4800MHz. The chip has already...
  9. D

    New Member need help to overclock his system

    Hello everyone! I have heard very cool stuff about this forum and the kindly people here, who help little noobies like me to overclock theire PC. I know little about overclock and need help from you masters to understand what are the optimal values for overclock that i can use on my CPU without...
  10. S

    FX 8150 in Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 overclock help needed

    Hi all, First of all, thanks for this awesome site. Been looking around for a while and am surprised how many skilled overclockers this site has. I'm the happy owner of a FX-8150 which sits in a ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0, both running great. My first build. Even though my PC is running great...
  11. turbobooster

    2700k overclock

    hy guys sorry for my English but I have a question. I have a 2700k and have it overclocked to 4.5 its a multi 55 chip, and I can bench at 5.2 using 1.475 vcore. now I use offset vcore and this is what I have set it to cpu core is each core set to 45 I can set it to 4.7 with +5 vcore more and...
  12. Q

    After stable overclocking and leaving PC off for a night, system doesn't switch on.

    After stable overclocking to 3.4 or 4 Ghz (or any other Ghz) and leaving PC off for a night, system doesn't switch on. Already tried different PSU, changed BIOS battery. BIOS is up to date. And I can't find solution anywhere in forums. Finding only answers for those who overclock settings are...
  13. DeViLzzz

    What am I looking at for an average safe overclock for a 1 GB XFX 7850 ?

    What am I looking at for an average safe overlock for a 1 GB XFX 7850 ? I have never overclocked an AMD card before. I decided to use MSI Afterburner to do it cuz I am used to that software btw. In regards to the pc this is being overclocked in (my son's pc) well the cpu, an AMD FX-6300, is...
  14. Spanky'

    Pheonon x4 965 overclock help!!

    Pheonon 2 x4 965 overclock help!! Just thought I'd post a quick one over to see if any of u on this side of the forums had any ideas Link to my op Thanks to all this who have helped thus far! http://forums.pureoverclock.com/showthread.php?t=22032 pheonom 2 x4 965 overclocking
  15. Smiki007

    4.8GHZ (i7 3970X + RIVE) Overclock

    Here is my Rock solid 4.8GHz OC. Max Temps (LinX 0.64 Max Memory Stress 30min) Trying to reach 5.0/5.2GHz, no success, need help. PS. I've managed to get 4.8GHz (as you can see in my first post), with VCore +0.020 Offset mode and LLC Medium, the VCore voltage on...
  16. L

    Overclock your Monitor - nVidia

    Apparently it only seems to work with nVida cards. I've got my monitor overclocked to 75Hz, up from 60hz/ which was achieved by going up in small increments. :) http://3dvision-blog.com/tag/evga-pixel-clock-oc/ A link to EVGA Pixel Clock OC...
  17. Adham

    Electroshock therapy to make you a better gamer, overclock your brain.

    haha who is down for this? Some gamers have lighting fast reflexes and can take out a zombie hoard with ease. Other gamers though (like me) need to die multiple times before advancing to the next zone, and I don’t even want to talk about my kill to death ratio when playing online video games...
  18. T

    FX8350 crosshair 5 formula overclock questions

    well guys a couple question here, i got my new rig together thanks from the help of some of you -White switch 810 -Crosshair formula 5 -Fx8350 -Crossfire 7850's -8Gb corsair vengance 1600 -1tb HDD -Kentek 850watt PSU after u got the system up and running for a little, it was only a matter of...
  19. L

    Newbie, just looking for opinions before trying to overclock

    Im a newbie with lots of pc experience but have never tried to overclock, My PC like many others isa custom build, over many years, updating 1 part per year, Just now the oldest part in this set up is the CPU, E6600. At the time that was the most I could afford and managed to to get it 2nd...
  20. G

    DDR2 800mhz overclock

    hello i have 6Gb DDR2 800MHZ of ram installed. I want to now about the setting in bios because in the bios for the ram its on auto (By default) so when i run cpu-z then goto Memory my Dram Frequency is running at 266.6MHZ and the FSB:Dram 3.4. So i go back to the bios and i change the Dram from...