oc genie

  1. Skyguy

    MSI Z77-GD55 Motherboard

    The MSI Z77A-GD55 is in our lab, and we now have the chance to compare Sandy Bridge with Ivy Bridge this time around. Can the GD55 match the prowess we saw in the GD65? Click MSI Z77-GD55 for the full review.
  2. Skyguy

    MSI P67A-GD65 Motherboard

    The latest P67 board to hit our bench is the MSI P67A-GD65, a premium board that promises innovative features at a great price of $180. There are some very interesting features here, and MSI is serving notice they're ready to play hardball with the competition. Click HERE for the full review.
  3. Skyguy

    MSI Big Bang XPower

    Looking to build a monster Folding @ Home rig? This may be the board for you. MSI has fashioned the Big Bang XPower board for enthusiasts, as it's built with SIX PCI Express slots, military-grade components, and OC Genie for some easy auto overclocking. Toss in a great price and you've got an...
  4. Skyguy

    Msi P55-gd85

    Today we're looking at MSI's foray into the USB 3.0 and SATA III market with their premium LGA1156 board, the P55-GD85. Based on a very similar design of the GD80, this new board looks to build upon the success of its predecessor, offering the same enthusiast features including MSI's OC...