new pc

  1. y0urpa1n

    Need tips

    Hey I'm new around here, in a couple months i'm going to be getting a new computer to run all the **** my old computer couldn't even start. Here below i'm going to list what i'm going to have and what i'm going to mod it with.:prod: CyberpowerPC Black Gamer Ultra GUA250 Desktop PC with AMD...
  2. S

    Help choose my new pc!

    Hy pureOC! I am willing to buy a new computer ,cuz my old is getting very slow. I complied a new rig with these specs: AMD Phenom II 955BE processor Gigabyte 790FXA UD5 mobo. 4gb Transcend AxERAM 2000mhz cl9 kit Sapphire or XfX HD5850 1gb Gigabyte Odin plus 600w psu Aerocool RS 9 case Iam...