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  1. R

    Hello I'm Ron

    Hey guys, My name is Ron and I have a passion for all things related to Computers. Since I was 13 I knew that I wanted to build my own PC. And right after I turned 17 I had enough money to build my own. I've only built two computers as of writing this post but I plan on building many more in the...
  2. 12mmChillFactor

    Hi, Hello, Buon Giorno (i think), Guten tag and so on..

    Just wanted to say "YO!" (or something similar) I'm a 26 year old IT Technician / Network Admin from Denmark. I already like the forum, and there's a lot of nice and useful posts on here. So.. I'm looking forward to becoming an active member on here, and i will of course be happy to lend a...