1. grumpydaddy

    Who here uses a NAS ??

    If you have one tell us what you have and how you use it (what you use it for)
  2. steveox

    NAS Giveaway.. LinusTechTips

    Thought I'd share this with whoever maybe interested in a chance to win 4TB Red Raid Drives from Western Digital. :unsure: Linus Tech Tips
  3. Doomas

    NAS server recommendations

    Maybe someone can recommend cheap, but powerful (nothing special, will be used for storage some data, stream movies, etc - general home use) NAS dual HDD server ? I was looking something like that... ZyXEL NSA325 or QNAP TS-212
  4. grumpydaddy

    Is NAS the perfect compliment to SSD's

    Is NAS the perfect compliment to SSD's? In this world of fast everything and with SSD's becoming even faster with greater longevity and more reliability, is it reasonable to consider a NAS system as the only HDD repository for files that are not on SSD? Must the SSD be a larger one? or do the...
  5. Skyguy

    Patriot Valkyrie NAS

    To serve the increasing demand for data storage, a Network Attached Storage device, or NAS, may be exactly what the home user or small business might need. A NAS can offer easy of use and convenience at a reasonable cost. The Patriot Valkyrie NAS is one such device that houses two 3.5” hard...