1. bullydog

    Worth the wait for 65w Q9550"s"

    Hey folks not too sure any1 is aware that the coming Core 2 Quads coming in Jan 2009 will be more engery efficient...TDP reduced to 65w only!!! Do u think these Chips will overclock further than the current E0 steppings? Is it worth the wait for another 2 months before it gets released...
  2. Deton

    Intel Core i7 Processors & Models

    According to HwBox here are the prices & Models for the upcoming Nahalem: |Core i7 920| Core i7 940 | Core i7 965 Produce Code|BX80601920|BX80601940|BX80601965 die|45nm|45nm|45nm transistor|731mil|731mil|731mil socket|LGA1366|LGA1366|LGA1366 threading|8 |8 |8 Mhz| 2.66Mhz|2.93.Mhz|3.20Mhz L2...