1. Skyguy

    Zowie EC2 Gaming Mouse and G-TF Mouse Pad

    The Zowie EC2 gamingmouse looks appealing for those looking for a low cost gaming mouse. And what's a gaming mouse without a gaming surface, so as anadded bonus, we're also looking at the Zowie G-TF mouse pad. Click for the full review.
  2. Skyguy

    Mionix Propus 380

    Today we're looking at a new gaming surface / mousepad from Mionix, the Propus 380. It sports a very interesting designs, as it has characteristics of both a speed mat and a control mat. Normally we've seen hybrid gaming surfaces to be rather disappointing, so let's take a closer look at the...
  3. Skyguy

    Cooler Master Storm Sentinel Advance

    With Cooler Master's first foray into the highly competitive mouse market, the Sentinel Advance looks extremely attractive, and Cooler Master appears to have hit all the right notes with this rodent. The features on the Sentinel also look to include just about everything but the kitchen sink...