motherboard advice

  1. S

    Need help with motherboard selection for PC build.

    I'm currently picking out the parts for my first PC build. It will primarily be used for gaming and programming, and occasionally video editing. This last day has been spent learning about motherboards on the Internet. I have learn, upon other things, that I know very little about them. So far...
  2. D

    What RAM i need - evga z77 FTW

    Hi, i have an EVGA z77 FTW and intel i7 3770k I want to know which RAM i need to buy, to get 32Gb RAM Performance. I would prefer Kingston Hyper X but no problem with other.
  3. Tombo1787

    New Motherboard and CPU Suggestions

    Hey guys I am going to buy a new mobo and CPU together and looking for suggestions i am a big AMD processor guy but willing to convert to Intel. I am wanting at least a quad core processor and Nvidia capabilities. I always go so thats where i'm prolly gonna go there again. My budges...
  4. shattered.likeness

    Anyone have experience with MSI boards?

    In the coming weeks, AMD is releasing their new AM3 platform with the integrated DDR3 memory controller. I am trying to decide on which board to get once they are released, and I am wondering who here has experience with MSI motherboards. I have owned a few of their products previously, but...
  5. S

    Seeking Advice (E8400 Wolfdale)

    Hello everyone,I am at the moment seeking a decent motherboard for the e8400. I been asking around and from what I gather it seems the majority say MSI and ASUS boards are one of the best out there and easy access to overclock with, the only down fall I hear about asus is their customer service...