1. A

    Which Graphic Card is best for Programming Monitor?

    Hi, I am Programmer and I did work on monitor but my Graphic Card not run successfully. I need the best Graphic Card for my Monitor.
  2. vinman

    Acer Predator My new Monitor

    Having so much fun gaming on this one! XB271HU bmiprz 27" WQHD (2560x1440) NVIDIA G-SYNC IPS Monitor, (Display Port & HDMI Port, 144Hz)
  3. S

    How do dead pixels come in new monitor or TV's?

    How do dead pixels come in new monitor or TV's?
  4. S

    Display driver crash when time spy - only when i turn on monitor from standby.

    Hi. I tried to reproduce 2 times display driver crash. When i run 3dmark time spy stress test. I turn off monitor and then turn on again it will stop test and display TDR crash report in event viewer. Is this reason to worry? This happened 2 times when i turn off montor and turn on back. I tried...
  5. M

    very best monitor to use

    hi all i have just bought a i7700k cpu msi z270 xpower gaming titanium g skill trident z 32gb ddr4 3600 cl14 quad kit evga supanova 850 watt g2 power supply 2 corsair ml 120 pro led white 75.0 cfm fan 7 corsair ml 140 pro led 97.0 cfm fan 2 red 2 blue 3 white nzxt sentry 3 fan controller...
  6. S

    I have defective monitor? GB2488HSU IIyama

    Hi. My monitor is GB2488HSU IIyama. Sometimes i can see on screen weird little spot,screens: Not my screens,but the same. When i am close to monitor it looks like smudge. Screen: But. When i go away few meters to rest in bed it looks like this: But this doesnt look like bad pixel. More...
  7. S

    Help with monitor dilemma plz

    Hey guys, have a question. i just bought a new ASUS VS278 27" monitor. My other is a Samsung 27C230 from a few years ago. I am wanting to get a 3rd but dont know which one is the better of the 2. Any help? I mainly use it for gaming and general internet use. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Nixeus_Andy

    Nixeus 24" 144hz Freesync Monitor - Press Release

    This Press Release is a little old, but i thought i would post it up just to fill up a little in this section. Pictures can be found on the site:Nixeus Vue 24" - Nixeus Nixeus Technology unveils it Nixeus Vue 24″ 1920×1080 144Hz FreeSync™ Gaming Monitor The NX-VUE24 is engineered with AMD...
  9. T

    Think its time for a new monitor?

    iv noticed it getting harder and harder to see stuff in games i play. I thought it was just me. But wathcing a movie i had a full black screen and holy cow. i have TERRIBLE "white noise" on my monitor, it looks like its snowing on my screen when im looking at a dark or black screen. Im guessing...
  10. P

    buying a new monitor

    hi I ordered a 970 msi and i am looking for a new 2560x1440 monitor. wanting to spend around 200 to 300 pound maybe 350 and was wondering which is the best one for this price range. Also will i be able to max out most games at this resolution or should i stick with 1980x1080. size wise hope to...
  11. StaticFX

    I need a 27" monitor...

    My son has a 24" ASUS something.. trying to get him SOMETHING else for xmas. I thought maybe a 27" monitor. I think its an i3 (or is it an i5?? lol), 8GB ram, HD 6870 gpu (I have a second if he ever needs to add a boost) He mainly plays LoL and Minecraft... but cant rule out higher paced games...
  12. A

    Gaming Single Screen Monitor

    Which Monitor Price/Function wise would be the best? Also for both or either one would I need 2 780 6GB in SLI or would one be enough? My first choice was the Asus ROG but the price to size ratio was a killer. PG278Q ROG SWIFT Gaming Monitor. Plus I like the wide screen of the LG. gaming...
  13. A

    I think i've found the Holy Grail

    So i posted this in an old thread as a reply but i think this might need its own topic Its an AOC 22' Monitor with almost no Bezel for less than $200 - AOC i2267Fw Black & Silver 22" 5ms Bezel-less Widescreen LED Backlight LCD Monitor IPS250 cd/m2 50,000,000:1 Yeah sure it has the...
  14. DeViLzzz

    Hilarious that this monitor is still being sold by a store ...

    Hilarious that this monitor is still being sold by a store. It seriously is still in stock and being sold by NCIX in their clearance section and look at the price they put on this as a clearance price. LOL
  15. P

    Dell 20" monitors

    Hey all, first post as new member!! :rock: I have a Dell s2009w monitor, and wanted a matching one so I bought a Dell ST2010B. Once the new one arrived, it looked almost exactly the same, but it doesn't have any VESA mounts!! I grossly overlooked this (which won't happen again). I'm looking...
  16. Smiki007

    New ASUS 28" 4K Monitor

    ASUS unveils 28-inch, $799 4K display
  17. vinman

    Dell Is King of The Monitor Market – Overtakes Samsung

    The latest figures from IDC suggest that Dell tops the monitor market. The results suggest that Dell managed to ship 5 million monitors with 14.9% of worldwide monitor shipments. Samsung followed behind in second with 12.6% and 4.2 million shipments with HP coming in third place with 4 million...
  18. DeViLzzz

    A really good deal on an entry level IPS monitor that I thought I'd share

    HP 21.5" IPS LED Backlit Monitor with 7ms Response Time (22BW) : 20" - 21" Monitors - Future Shop I honestly don't know about the performance of this monitor but you can pick up in store and take it back if you don't like it. Future Shop is easy to deal with when returning stuff. I know...
  19. woomdawg

    New monitor

    Woohooooo I am ordering my new monitor when I get home! 29" dell ultra sharp. So excited
  20. L

    Open Hardware Monitor 0.6.0 Beta

    Open Hardware Monitor - Core temp, fan speed and voltages in a free software gadget