1. I

    Are Bitcoin earning money online?

    Hi I see Facebook and Co always new Bitvoin merit with little use, but I seriously wonder whether these are also really serious. Anyone experiences?
  2. joshjaks

    AMD Money

    Thought this was interesting. Looks like AMD might be getting some much needed capital. AMD (NASDAQ:AMD) Selling Off 20% of its Shares to Silver Lake The timing seems strangely coincidental to all the news that has hit with DirectX 12. Get's me a lot more excited for Zen and CES 2016!
  3. A

    GTX 980 Reference Card worth the money?

    So I have been advised with my rig that I can support and overclock a 980 GTX Reference card. What is the difference and would it be necessary to get one over a regular 980 or 970 card? EVGA GeForce GTX 980 4GB Superclocked Video Card (04G-P4-2982-KR) - PCPartPicker ^ That is what was advised...
  4. realneil

    Saving some money

    Saving Money: I went to replace one of the heater elements in my house's hot water heater last night. I had set up a hose to drain the tank (after cutting the house's water off) and let it go all day long. I checked after getting back from buying the proper element from Lowes and there was...
  5. lakeside2189

    EVGA GTX 690..a look at the money!!!

    This came in a huge box with T-shirt and a huge mouse pad...Im guessing they figured after you pay for it you won't have any
  6. Gareth

    If you won $5,000

    If you won $5,000, what would you do to your PC, digital lifestyle or out of digital lifestyle? Ill post what I do later, but it seems to be a good thought. :) Mmmmm at the fastest CPU and GPU :p
  7. News Team

    MySpace awarded 230 million from spam case

    As a result of the defendants failing to appear in court, MySpace has been awarded 230 million in damages in the largest judgment ever against spammers. Read the full story here...