1. TeeBlack

    Titanfall on PC will not support mods at launch

    Titanfall on PC will not support mods at launch, studio confirms | TweakTown
  2. Solara2xb

    Mountain Mods Build - Custom Paint

    Hey All, Well that time has come again to showcase another custom painted case. This time around I got a Mountain Mods UFO case. I stripped the case down and brought it to my painter to have it painted: Steel Gray Pearl from a 2012 MB AMG C63 (C Class). The paint had to be special ordered...
  3. Doctor_Death

    Spammers / Mods

    What's going on with our Mods ? it looks like no one's banning spammers. I sign in this morning and there's posts from 18 different spammers, that started last night, which is way to many, in fact the most we have ever had in a 12 hour period.
  4. R

    Antec 300 Case Mods - Started Feb 2012

    Time for some fun. This build graciously sponsored! I must add a "thanks" to Deton for originally giving me the mod bug - not exactly the same term my wife used:D. And to all those out there posting work logs for the continued inspiration, keep up the good work. The box: The board...
  5. Solara2xb

    Mountian Mods U2-UFO Cases

    hey Guys, What do you guys think of the Mountian Mods cases?? I am thinking about getting one of the U2 UFO cases to replace my 800D. I am looking to add more rad for cooling. What do you guys think?? I am not sure which one yet.. But I really like the look of this one...
  6. L

    Skyrim Mods: the 20 best so far That texture pack upgrade is sooo mine!!!! :rock:
  7. L

    The 10 best Skyrim mods so far
  8. O

    Mountain Mods U2UFO Build (Dubbed: Clint Beastwood)

    Hey Guys, here's a little something I've been working on for a couple years on and off. Thought I would share the progression of what started as my first water-cooled build. Here's a shot of the completed original build. I recently decided i was tired of it, and it was time to scrap and...
  9. P

    4.6Ghz i7 950 & Extreme Mountain Mods Extended Ascension Water Cooled Build

    This is only the beginning!