1. F

    need help modding full cover waterblock

    i picked up a ek 7850 full cover block for dirt cheap £15 brand new in box but my card is none reference so did not fit i need to take about 2mm away from the side so it can fit but im not sure what tools i would need also its nickel with plexi top i will add pictures when im back home in about...
  2. Adham

    Amazing Steam Punk case mod

  3. DaBobzack

    Room modding and an update from me.

    I've been afk for a bit longer than I like to but it's for the better, (better myself due to bad habits and addictions I wanted to drop.) None the less I changed my room up alot and got a new desk. moved a lot of stuff around and got some stuff. Here are some pics of the almost finished...
  4. F

    White SG09 with power and watercooling

    Hello, ones again So my latestet build; Unobtainable was a great PC to build, and got a lot of positive feedback, Thanks guys and girls :D But my eager to create something new, and also a (hopefully) better looking build. So I will hope you will follow this build as well, and please; positive...
  5. JamesLT3

    Case Painting Questions

    So im going to start painting my case this weekend and have a few questions.Ive never painted a case before and have no idea what im doing. Ill only be painting the sides,front,top and back,ill be leaving the inside black. On to the questions 1.Do i need to sand where ever im going to paint...
  6. Cyberburnout

    Cooler Master Case Modding Competition

    For all the case modders on here now is your chance to show your stuff. Has to be a Cooler Master case. Are you confident enough in your mod? Cooler Master 2012 Case Mod Competition Prize list can be seen here.
  7. SamCR3

    Help modding windowed side panel to accept 120 MM fan

    I own a CM Storm Enforcer: I just ordered a red LED Cooler Master SickleFlow 120 MM fan: I want to mod the window to accept the fan. What is the best method for cutting the window. I'm thinking of using a dremel tool for doing the cuts, but don't know if this is the best way to go. Any...
  8. Nanosec

    Hello Folks

    Just popped on over from Bit-Tech. Wanted to join a forum that is closer to home. Too many of the events listed on BT are in Europe, so it makes it a little difficult to get overly excited. I am looking forward to lurking here for a while. Nano
  9. S

    Modding Full Tower Expansion Slots

    Hey all, was wondering if anyone had any work logs on modding the expansion slots of a case, Im looking at buying 2 x GTX 580 Mars II Cards, However in my Phantom case, I dont have enough expansion slots to hold the bottom 580, they require 3 each, and with my Rampage III Formula, this doesn't...
  10. MonsterMawd

    Modding a Lian Li ....including full custom paint and airbrushing

    Click Image To Case Mod Store This is a Lian Li case mod for a client who loves Ultima. The canvas for this mod is LIAN LI's PC-7FN Black Aluminum ATX Mid Tower Computer. We'll be adding some custom grills and Brad will be handling the custom paint! Making Shroud to cover opening gap around...
  11. Skyguy

    MNPCTech Billet Radiator Grill

    Water cooling enthusiasts and modders are no strangers to rad grills, having widely used them in personalizing their PC to enhance the style of their case setup. The trick is finding a grill that suits the needs or personality of the individual project. MNPCTech is one such place that...
  12. Skyguy

    Cooler Master HAF 922

    Today we're experiencing a sense of deja vu. We're looking at the Cooler Master HAF 922, which bears an almost identical name and setup as its bigger brother, the 932, except that the former is a mid-tower while the latter is a full tower. Interestingly though, the 922 isn't actually a...
  13. Skyguy

    Work Log Guidelines

    The following are some simple guidelines to make your worklogs more accessible for everyone to enjoy! Please keep them related to PCs, not cars, houses, and so forth. 1. Thread Name: Please name the project in appropriate fashion; category with date;and keep titles short and sweet as...
  14. Deton

    The Maximus Formula Club

    To all Maximus Owners; You're all invited to join the Maximus Club and share your own experiences (the Good/the Bad) or pics of your board. Perhaps your rig as well. Maximus Formula SE & accessories Special Edition version, a close look at Fusion block and Heatsinks MOSFET...