1. HyperactiveSloth

    More than 2GB on a MoBo with a 2 GB max?

    So, I finally have a drive for my friends laptop that I'm fixing up, and have discovered that at least 1 of the 1GB RAM modules that I was going to use to upgrade him from 1GB (512MB x 2) to 2GB (1GB x 2) is faulty. The two 1GB modules came from a laptop with a fried MoBo (spilled drink) so I'm...
  2. joshjaks

    Mobo Power Phase Opinions

    Hey Guys, Been racking my brain over new stuff since I recently finished my last cert and decided to look at power phases. The ASRock Extreme6 and Gigabyt GA-Z97-UD5H-BK both use a 12 phase power delivery design. Something like the MSI Z97 Gaming 5 only uses an 8 phase one. Question: Does the...
  3. nSone

    87x to 97x - keep or change a mobo

    I'm currently considering switching my CPU to a 4790k. Would you recommend also switching the mobo to a x97 chipset or I'd be just fine sticking to my z87x-oc [sig rig*edited] Also which one would you recommend, haven't really been looking into the refresh boards, do seem kind of boring but not...
  4. R

    Alienware X58 MOBO Overclocking

    Sorry to bring up something that I'm sure has been discussed. I have had my rig for awhile, upgraded it many times. Never manualy overclocked it just ran with the overclock setting 1 in my BIOs. My Bios version is A11. Red some pretty good threads on how to overclock the old Bloomfield i7-920...
  5. woomdawg

    Dual 16x mobo

    I am rethinking my system again and I am looking for suggestions for a good dual 16x PCIe 3.0 motherboard. No specific chipset yet other than intel.
  6. L

    Upgrade Mobo

    Hey PrueOC! now its time to upgrade my motherboard. the only thing im having a problem with is the choice of motherboard, my budget is 2000 SEK(also 300 USD or 223 €) i been looking at Asus crosshair V formula-Z and Asus sabertooth r2.0 but im not sure witch i gonna choice what would you choice...
  7. Mystikhol9

    MOBO Upgrade Help

    I'm finally in a position to make some upgrades to my system, and the only thing I'm having a problem with is the choice of motherboard. I'll probably have this board for the next year to year and a half. My choices are limited to, GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 ASRock 990FX Extreme4 ASUS M5A99FX PRO...
  8. W

    Gigabyte Mobo and 3770k little doubts

    Hi guys how are you? First of all sorry if i'm posting at weong place and sorry dor my poor english, i'm from Brazil So let's see if someone can help me I have a Gigabyte GAZ77XD3H mobo and i had a stable overclock at 4.5 with my 3770k Yesterday i made a bios update to the latest one the...
  9. automaton

    mobo choices and reviews

    I started reading the newegg reviews of z87 boards the asus pro the gigabyte ud3 4 all didnt get as good reviews as this MSI Z87-G45 Gaming Socket LGA I dont overclock...
  10. calemus

    mobo & hd nightmares

    so i am trying to work with this mobo atm ASRock 990FX Extreme3 ATX AMD Motherboard with UEFI BIOS - if i plug in 2 HD's i can get them recognised by MS7 pro OS the moment i up that to 3, or 4 HD's i get chopped down to only having acsess to 1 of them in win7 any one have any advice...
  11. MattyMatt

    Want to win a 3960X with a mobo? Lenovo Ultrabook?

    First off, Intel has got a significant presence at PAX (and so do many of other beloved vendors). Intel has an app to keep you up to date on awesome. Intel® VIP Tech Zone As for winning the ultrabook. Simply tweet your fav game with #intelinspires and you are in. The CPU/Mobo combo? A bit more...
  12. N

    New Mobo

    Hey all, My Pegatron M2N78-LA VIOLET6 just went out on me, and I'm looking for a decent replacement that can handle some online gaming. Any suggestions?
  13. CODYglitchSIX

    What is a good mobo?

    Hello, I am going to get a new mobo soon but i don't know what i should get. I am looking for one around $130 that supports 16GB of ram, 2 gpu's and usb 3.0 Thanks,
  14. P

    Mobo issue?

    So I installed my custom water cooling yesterday and it went well until I realized that I never took the plastic protector off of the CPU block so I had to take it off clean of the thermal past etc. Now when I turn it on it usually will start looping over and over just turning on for about 5-10...
  15. pnuttbutt

    New to Forum: Is it still worth overclocking Athlon II X3 445 and A880G+ Mobo

    I own 4 of these self built systems, they run fine still. I play some online mmo's and plan to multibox using these systems. Atm they can't run more than 3 accounts at same time with decent FPS, so I think a video card up grade and perhaps overclocking the processor and mobo with add'l 2GB RAM...
  16. aryan51

    mobo power

    i am trying to hook up a 4-pin to my mobo but my power supply only has 8 and 6 pin going out how do i do this ?
  17. DB5

    Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP7 Godly Mobo

    Not sure if you guys have seen the new Gigabyte Z77X-UP7 Motherboard but its amazing. I watched the vid from TT and realized that I was going to sell my soul for this motherboard... Here's a Video of them getting it to break the world record for the 1155 CPU's. 7.1 ghz GIGABYTE breaks Core i7...

    My Gigabyte mobo came in a few days ago :D

    I've been busy over the last few days, what with working around my wifey's work schedule, this past week being a 4H fair week (non-participants, just went as normal), and other crazy stuff going on. So a few days ago, my new Gigabyte GA-A75-D3H arrived. The shipping box was a lil beaten up...
  19. Skyguy

    Gigabyte Z77 G.1 Sniper 3

    Gigabyte introduced their gamer-oriented “Sniper" branded motherboard series with the X58 chipset and today they continue the Sniper 3 series with the Z77 chipset and we have to say, it's a real badass looking motherboard. Click Gigabyte Z77 G.1 Sniper 3 for the full review.
  20. Skyguy

    MSI Z77-GD55 Motherboard

    The MSI Z77A-GD55 is in our lab, and we now have the chance to compare Sandy Bridge with Ivy Bridge this time around. Can the GD55 match the prowess we saw in the GD65? Click MSI Z77-GD55 for the full review.