1. xelosia

    Micron's new terabyte-class SSD is under $600

    Micron Technology today announced a terabyte-class solid-state drive for under $600. The 2.5-inch 960GB Crucial M500 SSD will be initially priced under $600, Micron said today. The M500 solid-state drive uses a SATA 6-gigabit-per-second controller to deliver up to 80,000 input/output...
  2. Cyberburnout

    Micron first to the phase-change memory mass market

    PRAM or PCM (phase-change memory), is a relatively new type of non-volatile memory we may be hearing a lot more from soon. The technology, unlike flash memory which relies on trapping electrons, actually involves changing the state of the underlying material, adjusting its electrical...
  3. L

    Micron Announces its First DDR4 Module

  4. Skyguy

    Crucial C300 256GB SSD

    The Crucial C300 256GB SSD contains the Marvell controller that utilizes an SATA 6G interface, able to take advantage of the insane speeds offered by the new standard. And at 256GB capacity, this drive looks to be big and fast, satisfying the top performance that enthusiasts crave. Not only...