1. Solara2xb

    MCP655 Flow Rate / Head Pressure

    Hey all, Trying to see if this will work. Based on what I have calculated the MCP655 at setting 5 is about 1200LPH. If I used one MCP655 (manual speed set at 5) will/Can it handle this loop: MCP655 > Swiftech MCR420-QP > Apogee HD > Swiftech MCR420-QP > Koolance VRD -6970 WaBlock x2 >...
  2. Kung Pow

    Question about MCP655

    I have got my D5 running my system for over half a year now and I am worrying about it failing soon. That is why I have decided to get a second pump in order to have a failsafe should one pump fail, but also to increase flow since I got a second 480 rad and SB/NB blocks for the looks. So...
  3. Deton

    ModGuide: MCP655 Pump Mod

    MCP-655 pump is one of the most powerful and popular pump in the watercooling world. It's designed for high flow system, that's one of the reason why it has two fixed 1/2" bards. However, fixed bards dont' give you the flexibility to use different size tubing. Let say if you decide to use...