1. A

    Planning a new build, want to max out 8 core.

    Hi guys, I'm planning on building a PC to do what linus did in . Except I want to use AMD to make it interesting, I believe the 8 core piledriver's true potential is in something like this. I'll use the crosshair v formula with a waterblock over the...
  2. HyperactiveSloth

    More than 2GB on a MoBo with a 2 GB max?

    So, I finally have a drive for my friends laptop that I'm fixing up, and have discovered that at least 1 of the 1GB RAM modules that I was going to use to upgrade him from 1GB (512MB x 2) to 2GB (1GB x 2) is faulty. The two 1GB modules came from a laptop with a fried MoBo (spilled drink) so I'm...
  3. xelosia

    MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Trailer

  4. calemus

    Max Disk LBA - DCO Locked

    so realneil got me looking into SSD-Z this reminded me of malware that seats it self onto the hidden sectors of the disk using OSForensics - Hidden Disk Areas - HPA/DCO. detect and expose the hidden areas (HPA and DCO) of a hard disk. i can see there is a locked aria "Could not retrieve Max...
  5. TeeBlack

    Mad Max: Fury Road

  6. xelosia

    Zalman Shows Reserator 3 Max Dual

    ] Zalman Shows Reserator 3 Max Dual, FX70, Shark Fin Fans
  7. L

    Gaming Numbers at 4K, Max Settings

    AnandTech | Some Quick Gaming Numbers at 4K, Max Settings
  8. L

    Msi 770 Gtx Twin Frozr. Max boost only 1136mhz.

    I am worried , why my card is boosting max 1136mhz . No matter what temps i have. Like 68 or 75 i get the same boost. With fan like 44% and 1250 RPM. Is this normal or not? I know peoples with that card and they just got higher boost. Here are temps: When i hit 78C on Crysis 3 i have :67 TDP...
  9. D

    27" Monitors supporting Greater than 1920x1080 max resolution

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with reasonably priced 27" or 30" Monitors supporting Greater than 1920x1080 max resolution. Your recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thanks from Canada
  10. TheSurroundGamer

    Dead Space 3 Gameplay (Max Settings) - Nvidia Surround - GTX 670 3-Way SLI

    Dead Space 3 Gameplay (Max Settings) - Nvidia Surround - GTX 670 3-Way SLI: Finally got around to making a video of this game! The Dead Space series is one of my favorites, and this game definitely adds to the overall series. It's also a joy to play, as it runs smoothly and has quite the...
  11. C

    Overclocking to the max questions

    If anyone saw my previous post I have overclocked my 2.8 GHz 1050T to a stable 3.8GHz. This seems to be about where I want to go. After talking (bragging) to a friend who has a similar setup he begins to tell me how to push it way further by disabling cores and pulling memory. I'm wondering if...
  12. TeeBlack

    Max Payne 3 $14.99 on Steam

    Save 75% on Max Payne 3 on Steam
  13. L

    Max Payne 3 PC: Developer Interview
  14. Doctor_Death

    MAX Keyboard Memorial Day 20% Discount Sale!

    Hi Guys Kent from Max Keyboards asked me to let you guys know about their Memorial Day 20% Discount Sale! The 20% off applies to everything in their store, from 05/25/2012 - 05/31/2012, make sure you add the Discount Code E6RYC751 But that's not all! for any purchase over $100 you will receive...
  15. Skyguy

    Max Keyboard Nighthawk X8

    A fully backlit mechanical keyboard that sports a fabulously minimalist design and caters to discerning consumers who want something unique, the Max Keyboard Nighthawk X8 is not your average mechanical board. Click Max Keyboard Nighthawk X8 for the full review.
  16. L

    Max Payne 3 to come on 4 DVDs
  17. L

    Max Payne 3 System Specs

    Max Payne 3 PC System Specifications 16gb ram.. I have 8gb of ram but I can upgrade to 16. Seriously 35 GB!? :wacko:
  18. L

    Max Payne 3 Graphics Trailer

    Rockstar Games Presents Max Payne 3
  19. P

    Sapphire 6950 Max OC?

    Does anyone know what the max stable OC of a Sapphire 6950 is? (I'm using TriXX)
  20. C

    Max OC

    I purchased a Powercolor HD 6850 for cheap. I searched google for the highest possible OC for my specific card. I found 975/1175 as max. So I decided to get TriXX and overclock my card. So far I am at 980 core 1110 memory. This isn't my barrier, I'm just wondering if it's safe to push it more...