1. najiro

    BIOSTAR Intros Two Entry-Level mATX Intel-based Mobos

    BIOSTAR presents two entry-level micro-ATX form factor motherboards – the BIOSTAR H110MDE and B250MDC motherboards. BIOSTAR B250MDC The BIOSTAR B250MDC motherboard is the perfect solution for an entry-level desktop computer for daily multitasking use, office application, and home...
  2. Mgutierrez33

    Xigmatek Aquila mATX chassis

    This case looks so good... would LOVE to get my hands on one of these for my brother's rig O_O ... PureOC NEEDS a review sample! Xigmatek Announces Aquila Micro-ATX Chassis | Computer Hardware Reviews -
  3. P

    [Build Log] Project Mini Me - M-ATX Phantom, 3820, RIVG, 7970, watercooled

    The Plan: Make a Phantom go from this: To this: And stuff a whole lot of awesome in it. A couple things to note about this build: -The above pic was done in MS Paint as a reference point. The plan is to shorten the height by 6" and the length by 3.5". The final will have 2 5.25"...
  4. Solara2xb

    mATX Gaming Motherboard Suggestion

    hey guys, Trying to help my friend rebuild his Gaming Lan box. He wants to keep his AMD CPU which is AM3 He previously had a MSI board but took a crap on him. Needs to be a mATX due to his Lan box. trying to see what you guys suggest. Trying to find something that is under $100 bucks...
  5. Skyguy

    GMC Bulldozer R-4

    The GMC R-4 Bulldozer has a worldwide patent for the unique ODD trays up/down ejection. The way they use two spring steel bars, looks like a Shock-Absorber.  The front panel design has shown that they have a few ideas up their sleeves, but does it handle the high expectations of the computer...