1. S

    Making PC-Linq work between Win10 PCs

    I am NOT asking how to copy data between PCs - I'm asking about PC-linq or an equivalent. I still have a PC-Linq 'bridging - cross-over' cable that used to allow data transfer between 98E and XP in an effective and user-friendly way. I would like to use it between Win10 PCs. There is a 2018...
  2. xelosia

    Canada Passes Law Making Auto-Install Software Illegal

    Installing computer programs on an individual's computer without consent is now illegal -- OTTAWA and GATINEAU, QC, Jan. 15, 2015
  3. F

    New Rig In The Making

    So, Been awhile... Thought Id post whats in the making. I'm building a new rig, and I am giving a rig to my friend for free, this is what I am starting my build around. Over today and tomorrow, I will be posting pics.
  4. xelosia

    CoolIT can continue making custom AIO CPU liquid coolers for Corsair

    CoolIT can continue making custom AIO CPU liquid coolers for Corsair
  5. Durieel

    Tesoro making Legendary GIveaway!!!

    You guys are amazing! Our Christmas and New Year Contest just started, and we have already 20 guaranteed winners through "sharing to your friends," automatically increasing prize pool to 40! How to win it? It is quite simple: We provide GUARANTEED prizes to fans who: 1. Invite successfully 30...
  6. TeeBlack

    Phantek making Cases now?

  7. TeeBlack

    AMD making moves.

    i was watching a Linus Tech Tips live show archive and he said the Never Settle Bundles are not going away and that they will be doing Game Bundles with the FX cpu's soon. To me personally i think that's a smart idea. you build an AMD rig and can rack up on good games.
  8. TeeBlack

    Gigabyte making cases now?

    Gigabyte Sumo-Alpha
  9. L

    Thank You, Japan, For Making This

  10. SamCR3

    7970 Making buzzing noise under load

    A couple of days ago, my 7970 starting making a buzzing noise under load (gaming or benchmarking). It's not the fan because the noise isn't there if I crank up the RPMs manually while not under load. Any ideas what it could be and should I start the RMA process? I did take off the shroud and...
  11. grumpydaddy

    Making a 3D printer

    Thought one or two of you would like this;,2817,2399526,00.asp
  12. L

    Why PC Gaming is Making a Comeback

    Full Article Here:
  13. Drdeath

    Dodge Dart making a comeback with flair Inquiry minds want to know: will there be a puke green model?
  14. C

    Need help making a choice

    I have a few extra bucks and was wondering what would be better. An SSD as the OS drive, or get a second HDD and run Raid0.
  15. T

    Is CoolIT making TEC collers anymore?

    I have an Eliminator of the first gen and it will keep my 1090t at about 28C with a voltage of 1.6 and 4Ghz. Under load it will climb to almost 70C. It has to be at least 3 or 4 years old and I was wondering if its due for a rebuild. I have modified it with a 120mm fan by sytche that pushes an...