1. TeeBlack

    Logitech G910 "Orion Spark" RGB Mechanical Keyboard

    Orion Spark G910-Mechanical-Keyboard-Logitech
  2. Drdeath

    Logitech releases new water-friendly, washable keyboard

    Logitech releases new water-friendly, washable keyboard | Technology News Blog - Yahoo! News
  3. Irocing

    Logitech GX9 Game Mouse

    Well, The last Pony Express rider came in with my mouse. Not bad, Only a month:roll: Later;)
  4. bullydog

    Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

    With 20 buttons, the Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse is the most customizable and easy to use mouse specifically designed for mastering your favorite MMOs...
  5. X

    DTS Vs. DD Live for Logitech Z-5550

    Which is best and which should I use for: - Music - Games - Movies My soundcard is a SB Titanium HD - http://www.hardwareheaven.com/reviews/1087/pg1/creative-sound-blaster-x-fi-titanium-hd-sound-card-review-introduction.html I had a Asus Xonar D2X but I sent it back (RMA) because I...
  6. X

    Which sound card for my Logitech Z-5500?

    Hello everyone. I just bought a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD Sound Card for my surround set home at home, a Logitech Z-5500. Normally I have always been using on board sound, but I now got the money and I would like to take it to the next level. To my very big surprise the card I...
  7. L

    Logitech unveils the new G300 gaming mouse

  8. grumpydaddy

    Keyboard suggestions wanted

    I've just had a keyboard fail on a few keys so will need a new one. I have recently seen a logitech with lcd among others...anyone care to comment on this or make recommendations