liquid nitrogen

  1. eido.cohen

    Hand vs. Liquid Nitrogen - "Leidenfrost Effect" explored

    I've never had the opportunity to do anything with liquid nitrogen, so those of you who have done benchmarking with it will probably appreciate the coolness of this video.
  2. Skyguy

    Koolance CPU-LN2-V2 Liquid Nitrogen Cooling Pot

    Generally well known for their water cooling products, Koolance is looking to delve into the rather niche market of extreme cooling. Certainly not mainstream, the sub-zero enthusiasts are a rabid bunch (and we include ourselves here at PureOC in that group) and very particular about things...
  3. Skyguy

    Intel Core i5 655K

    The Intel Core i5 655K is a dual core, multithreaded CPU that is essentially just a regular chip but comes with a few significant exceptions. The first is that it has an unlocked multiplier, the Holy Grail of overclocking, allowing enthusiasts to push higher speeds. So how fast can this chip...
  4. Skyguy

    Maximus III Extreme Club

    ASUS Maximus III Extreme owners, this is the place to discuss, ask questions, and show all things MIIIE, an outstanding P55 LGA1156 motherboard. A Republic of Gamer board dedicated to those who want to extract the most out of their system, this board is a monster in terms of features and...