1. realneil

    Sweet prizes!! Post your links to great contests here!!

    This is the place for forum members to posts links to contests that are happening around the web. Hopefully we can generate some sweet prizes for PureOC members. First, let me start with a giveaway happening,...............Here. Plextor is giving away a 256GB M.2 PCIe SSD (M6e) along with an...
  2. Shell_Shock

    Links for Help

    Here are some links that will help the people who are new to Programming. I suggest starting with Python and then moving to an Opject-Oriented Programming languages such as C++. For future reference: -- TUTORIALS --
  3. D

    Here are some litecoin origin links

    We thought it would be useful to share some origin links to help explain the concepts and history of litecoins. Litecoin
  4. D

    Here are some great bitcoin origin links

    We thought it would be useful to share some origin links to help with the concept and the history of bitcoins. Bitcoin Bitcoin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  5. D

    Important Links for Litecoin Information, Guides, How-Tos, Benchmarks, FAQ, etc

    This thread will be updated on a regular basis and will contain important links, litecoin mining FAQ, how-tos, benchmarks, video card comparisons, etc. Video Card Benchmarks --------------------------- ATI/AMD GPU Video Card Comparison -...
  6. Skyguy

    Work Log Guidelines

    The following are some simple guidelines to make your worklogs more accessible for everyone to enjoy! Please keep them related to PCs, not cars, houses, and so forth. 1. Thread Name: Please name the project in appropriate fashion; category with date;and keep titles short and sweet as...