1. B

    Biggest PC life saver?

    I recently lost my PC - the power supply or fan finally went out on it, perhaps a combination. Wouldn't power up and nothing would happen. Fortunately I had a Sata cable on hand and was able to rip everything from the old hard drive and transfer it to this new PC I just got. Saved a big...
  2. F

    graphics card died can i oven bake it back to life

    i was given a second 7850 to cf of a friend but the card died on me, is it possible to oven bake the card to see if i can get it working if so how would i go about doing this like what degrees and for how long
  3. xelosia

    Life Size Lego Car Powered by Air

  4. L

    Half Life + Crysis: CRYLIFE Released

    Download Here! Dev. Muffin
  5. L

    Half Life 3 Confirmed?

    Half Life 3 Confirmed? - n3rdabl3 | n3rdabl3
  6. rickss69

    Life expectancy for a ssd

    Considering a single ssd solution for the gamer, but don't really have a clue what to expect as far as lifespan for one of these. Don't want anything too tricky or finicky...just a reliable performer.
  7. Solara2xb

    Project CM Stryker - Tangerine Orange

    Hey All, Trying to start a fun build as a de-stresser... Due to the BitFenix Prodigy being to small for what I wanted to do I decided to change a couple of things out.. Some of the plans I had changed, had to be move a few parts around for something else... Project Name: Tangerine Orange My...
  8. xelosia

    Intel wants to micromanage tablet makers in the name of battery life

    One of Intel's goals with Haswell, the CPU architecture that is slated to replace the current Ivy Bridge processors next year, is to get the CPUs into more tablets. Ivy Bridge processors will appear in some Windows 8 tablets (like Acer's Iconia W700) this year, but tablets running Haswell...
  9. xelosia

    PlaceRaider: The Military Smartphone Malware Designed to Steal Your Life

    The US Naval Surface Warfare Center has created an Android app that secretly records your environment and reconstructs it as a 3D virtual model for a malicious user to browse The power of modern smartphones is one of the technological wonders of our age. These devices carry a suite of...
  10. Adham

    Meanwhile in a parallel world

  11. L

    Phenom II Processors to Reach End of Life

    AMD?s Phenom II Processors to Reach End of Life - Softpedia End-of-life (product) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  12. realneil

    Free NVIDIA Video Cards for life,.....10K PC as a prize,....and a grand for games,...

    Check it out here,.....
  13. rrplay

    The Meaning of Life in 13 Words

  14. L

    AMD extends the life of AM3+
  15. L

    Fans picketing outside of Valve's offices for Half Life 3

    Twitter post by a Valve employee this morning: ^ Gabe came out to talk to the protesters.
  16. S

    Need help!! Half life 2 ep.2 keeps crashing!

    hey guys ive been playing the half life MOD 'research and development'. i'm about 2/3 hours through the game and now all of a sudden its started to crash. it will only crash a certain points in the game! i will walk over to a door to progress and only wen im close to the door will its stop...