1. H

    I need good lcd model

    can some one give good lcd model...thanks
  2. P

    Dell 20" monitors

    Hey all, first post as new member!! :rock: I have a Dell s2009w monitor, and wanted a matching one so I bought a Dell ST2010B. Once the new one arrived, it looked almost exactly the same, but it doesn't have any VESA mounts!! I grossly overlooked this (which won't happen again). I'm looking...
  3. L

    LG Thinnest 1080p LCD 2.2mm Thick

    LG Creates World's Thinnest 1080p LCD ? 5.2-Inches Diagonal, 2.2mm Thick, And A Tiny Bezel
  4. xelosia

    Sharp's first 4K 32-inch IGZO LCD is destined for Japanese workstations

    We've been waiting to enjoy the promised extra detail and low power consumption of IGZO-based LCD panels for a few years now, and they're finally starting to appear. The latest on the docket is Sharp's new PN-K321 monitor, built for professional use with 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160) plus...
  5. L

    Sharp's first 4K 32-inch IGZO LCD

    Source: Sharp Japan
  6. P

    Wait the iPhone uses LCD displays?!

    No the iPhone uses Retina displays, which are better Report: Sharp Delays iPhone LCD Screen Shipments | News & Opinion | PCMag.comSo this article has to be fake XD
  7. aryan51

    lcd fan controller

    looking for lcd fan controller any suggestions please for 5.25 drive bay no cheep ones please thanks in advance
  8. L

    Clear LCD panel by Loewe

    Full Article: This transparent HDTV is straight out of the future, and could soon appear in your living room | Technology News Blog - Yahoo! News
  9. Doomas

    Plasma or LCD for 3D TV – recommendations require.

    Finishing building my first HTPC that able to play 3D, and start looking for 46`` 3D TV, but never was really in to that, that why any help will be very helpful. I do not planning spend top money for the best product, I need just product that do the job that was created to do.
  10. Skyguy

    Samsung SyncMaster T240

    Who doesn’t like large display monitors? Sure we do! Advances in product technology and quality have made an LCD display for your computer a given these days, it’s just a question of how much you can spend and which one to get. Responding to this surge in demand for quality 24-inch LCD displays...
  11. P

    Monitor for Graphics

    I hate to part with my 2 CRT 17 monitors, but one color channel has died in one and the other is 4 years old and I don't think color "true" anymore. I want to get 2 LCD monitors, probably, 20." I am a graphic artist and photographer and true and consistent color throughout the monitor is a must...