1. Pete

    best joystick to buy on a budget?

    Hi guys I'm looking to buy a new joystick, since my old one broke. I'm not really prepared to spend a fortune, since i pretty much only use it for Battlefield 3/4 and Arma 3. I had my eye on a logitech extreme 3D pro and a Seitek Cyborg V.1, but none of these two are available anywhere :( so...
  2. bullydog

    Joystick support for BF3???

    I dont seem to be able to find much info on this after googling around, just wondering if joy stick works with BF3 ?? its pretty darn tough to fly the jet with keyboard and mouse! anyone here is a pro at flying the jets with keyboard and mouse?
  3. Skyguy

    Thrustmaster F1 & F430

    Thrustmaster's Dual Action Gamepad Controllers for the PC, the F1 Wireless and the F430 Wired, are inspired by famous Ferrari cars, and offer some stylish aesthetics for PC gamers who want the ability to use gamepad controllers. But what about functionality? Let's find out. Click HERE for...