1. HyperactiveSloth

    OK I waited, now where's the AM4 ITX?

    LOL So, any idea when we'll get ITX boards for Ryzen?
  2. HyperactiveSloth

    Trying to remember model of small ITX case...

    It was one of the ones I had considered back when looking at slim cases as possibilities for both my portable rig & HTPC builds. It was very small and had a great interior layout.Under the top cover there were two removable "racks" that would mount either 1-2 fans, or one 3.5 drive, or 2 2.5...
  3. TeeBlack

    Sharkoon QB10 and C10 mini itx cases

    QB10 QB ONE | SHARKOON Technologies GmbH C10 SHARK ZONE C10 | SHARKOON Technologies GmbH
  4. HyperactiveSloth

    Poker chip case turned into a micro PC case?

    For some unknown reason while I was searching for a carrying handle to mount to my current project I came across this in the search results (random, huh?) and had a crazy idea of wondering if I could turn it into a PC case... literally. On second look, it's actually TINY compared to most cases...
  5. windwithme

    CORSAIR Obsidian 250, the ITX case Has Both Texture and Scalability

    CORSAIR Obsidian 250D, the ITX case Has Both Texture and Scalability In the past couple year, ITX market became more and more popular. Many MB makers launched related products. Some of my friends choose ITX due to space concern. For small room or preferring small PC, ITX is the best option for...
  6. vinman

    BIOSTAR’s J1800TH - New Mini ITX System-On-Chip Solution

    August 18th, 2014, Taipei, Taiwan – BIOSTAR has announced the J1800TH, a mini ITX mainboard with CPU on board, (known as System on a Chip or SoC). These boards are centered on being small and efficient using a small form factor with an embedded CPU, having low power consumption, and being...
  7. TeeBlack

    InWin 901 Mini ITX case
  8. windwithme

    Intel Ivy Bridge Entry ITX Platform - GIGABYTE B75N Performance Guide

    2012, almost all active MB brands launched ITX boards. ITX advantage is smaller dimension. If using high performance CPU, GPU or WiFi technology support, it may create more value to PC as competing with smart phones, tablets or laptops. GIGABYTE former two generations Intel ITX MB specs were...
  9. windwithme

    Intel Pentium G620T with GIGABYTE H61N-USB3 Parity ITX Performance Review

    Formerly, most ITX platform spec is always using NoteBook CPU and SO-DIMM. These components raise the system cost and the MB price is also much higher than ATX MB. In the past 3 years, HTPC market started to ramp. ITX products are easier to find now. In the past, AMD ITX platform is easy to...
  10. windwithme

    Intel Entry Pentuim G620/G850 Builds Sandy Bridge ITX Platform

    Jan 2011, Intel launched new structure LGA 1155 socket Sandy Bridge platform. In the first stage, Intel focus on mid to high Core i5 and Core i7. The chipset is P67 and H67 which are also positioning at mid end. For the entry product, Intel launched H61 and Core i3 in March. In the market...
  11. Skyguy

    Antec ISK 100

    Today we will be looking at the Antec ISK 100, a tiny chassis for the ITX motherboard market. There isn't much choice out there in this market, but Antec may have a winner on their hands with the ISK 100 from what we've seen. Click HERE for the full review.
  12. Skyguy

    Lian Li PC-Q06 Mini ITX Test Bench

    Today we're looking at a new test bench on the block, the Lian Li PC-Q06. Lian Li is certainly no stranger to the case enclosure market, and needing no introduction as a manufacturer of gorgeous premium enclosures that exude a classic minimalist aesthetic. But test benches are a very...