1. xelosia

    If You've Ever Sold a Used iPod, You May Have Violated Copyright Law

    Reuters The Supreme Court will soon hear a case that will affect whether you can sell your iPad -- or almost anything else -- without needing to get permission from a dozen "copyright holders." Here are some things you might have recently done that will be rendered illegal if the Supreme...
  2. P

    iPod Firewire cable?

    I have an iPod FireWire cable that I'm trying to use on my FireWire expansion card to see if it works but when I plug in my iPod iTunes (The most terrible PC program ever created) doesn't pick it up and drivers are never installed. Anyone know why?
  3. say what

    dear Iphone and Ipod touch users:

    me and 2 of my friends ( ipod touches and iphones) just tried to upgrade our software to version 4.0.2, and all three devices decided to **** themselves and need to be restored, so if you are brave enough to upgrade vote in the poll was your upgrade successful or did you encounter any errors