1. R

    Hello I'm Ron

    Hey guys, My name is Ron and I have a passion for all things related to Computers. Since I was 13 I knew that I wanted to build my own PC. And right after I turned 17 I had enough money to build my own. I've only built two computers as of writing this post but I plan on building many more in the...
  2. S


    This is summiteer, new to this forum. I hope you guys will accept me.
  3. windwithme

    Full HD resolution performance gaming laptop - MSI GE60 2OE introduction

    Intel just launched the latest Haswell platform this June, PC and NB brand keep refreshing their product lines, the Notebook platform runs faster than before, there are lots of new platform products in the market right now. MSI focused on the high performance and gaming platform, and refreshed...
  4. Primochill

    PrimoChilll Rigid Acrylic Tube System Introduction

    PrimoChill is once again helping performance enthusiasts, case modders, and those in search of the “Next Best” thing in watercooling. PrimoChill 1/2" Rigid Acrylic Tube & New Innovative Rigid Compression Fittings are one step further in the evolution of computer watercooling enabling the...
  5. Primochill

    Introduction & Thank's "Primochill"

    Hi we at Primochill would like to thank PureOC for giving us a spot to share our exciting New Product's and even more important the chance to work close with the community we actually design and manufacture our Products for. What have we been up to...
  6. Nanosec

    Hello Folks

    Just popped on over from Bit-Tech. Wanted to join a forum that is closer to home. Too many of the events listed on BT are in Europe, so it makes it a little difficult to get overly excited. I am looking forward to lurking here for a while. Nano
  7. 12mmChillFactor

    Hi, Hello, Buon Giorno (i think), Guten tag and so on..

    Just wanted to say "YO!" (or something similar) I'm a 26 year old IT Technician / Network Admin from Denmark. I already like the forum, and there's a lot of nice and useful posts on here. So.. I'm looking forward to becoming an active member on here, and i will of course be happy to lend a...