1. TeeBlack

    NZXT G10 installation

  2. B

    Quick total noob question. H100 installation.

    Hey, so I'm new to this PC building scene, obviously. I've got an ASUS M5A99X EVO board. I'm using the H100 liquid cooling unit, and my question is.. Would I plug the 3 pin fan connector intot he 3 pin PWR fan port on the MB, or the 4 pin CPU fan port? I am going to assume the CPU fan port as...
  3. G

    Tuniq 120 Extreme - Help

    Hello experts! I need your expert opinion. I decided to build a PC from scratch (my first time ever). I bought an Intel DP55KG "Extreme Series" motherboard, installed an Intel Quad-Core i7-860 processor (it's an LGA-1156 socket), and now it's time to install a "Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme" cooler...