i7 920

  1. J

    i7 920 C0/C1 overclock to hot at only 3.8Ghz, Advice please

    Hey all, While I have had a i7 920 for years now, I only started over clocking last week. I'm really enjoying the challenge, however I feel like I have gone as far as possible by reading guides and guess/checking. I need some help. I achieved a 3.6Ghz on stock cooling. I was having so much fun I...
  2. SnakesGXP

    Another i7 920 overclock newb question..

    i7 920 3.0-3.2ghz overclock Hello everyone in the community, first time here. I am looking to overclock my i7 920 to 3.2Ghz(approximate). I have been diving through forums reading on the subject, and I still can't find any specific details. Most are going 3.6 or higher. Would anyone have a...
  3. bullydog

    Watercooling - Rampage II Extreme (Watercooled i7 built)

    okay, so I am in the midst of a system rebuilt and the new system will be watercooled and based around an i7 Rig with the following: 1. Asus Rampage II Extreme 2. Intel i7-920 3. Team Xtreem DDR3 2GBx3 1600mhz Watercooling Hardware: 1. Swiftech GTZ with i7 Retention Bracket 2. MCP655 (pump)...