hyper 212

  1. dbradford32

    Best air temps for your cases?

    I am running a 200mm top fan, 120mm intake fan, 2 120mm dans on my Coolermaster hyper 212+. I believe my temps were in the 29 celcius (84.2 fahrenheit) What are your best CPU temps? Of course, this is without a full load, also. I am not positive about full load temps yet. Those are to...
  2. Skyguy

    Cooler Master LGA1156 Coolers: Hyper 212 Plus, TX3

    Cooler Master is one company at the forefront of the LGA1156 cooler market, hitting the ground running and currently offering at least two products for improved performance of your new CPU. The first is the Hyper 212 Plus, a direct-touch heatpipe design with a 120mm fan. The second is the Hyper...

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