1. Skyguy

    HWBOT - Benchmark Scores, Team info

    HWBOT (http://hwbot.org/) is the place where overclockers submit their benchmark scores. They have a vast repository and database of hardware, benchmarks, scores, and so forth. HWBOT is the oracle for scores, it's where you submit them, showcase them, earn points and trophies. While there are...
  2. E

    ranking threads currently not working

    the vbulletin upgrade to 3.7 has broken the bots used for the ranking updates. hopefully a fix will show up soon as i wanted to create a 3dmark vantage ranking thread :)
  3. E

    Post your SuperPi 1MB scores - rankings

    SuperPi Ranking ---------------------------------------------------- SuperPi is a quick and easy way to measure processor / chipset performance. download here Rules - don't use multiple nicknames - only post scores belonging to you - 1M calculation only - include a screenshot of the result...