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  1. y0urpa1n

    Need tips

    Hey I'm new around here, in a couple months i'm going to be getting a new computer to run all the **** my old computer couldn't even start. Here below i'm going to list what i'm going to have and what i'm going to mod it with.:prod: CyberpowerPC Black Gamer Ultra GUA250 Desktop PC with AMD...
  2. L

    Gaming computers

    I just recently started to switch from console gaming to P.C. gaming and was wondering if anybody could help me find a good computer that would not be to expensive, but let me play high quality games.
  3. Tombo1787

    New Motherboard and CPU Suggestions

    Hey guys I am going to buy a new mobo and CPU together and looking for suggestions i am a big AMD processor guy but willing to convert to Intel. I am wanting at least a quad core processor and Nvidia capabilities. I always go so thats where i'm prolly gonna go there again. My budges...
  4. Gareth

    Its time to purchase a motherboard, now what chipset should I get?

    Greetings Ya'll, time has come for me to get a new Intel Socket LGA775 motherboard, and I am tossed up between three chipsets. I would like to do SLi, undecided whether to do Tri or not, it will depend on how much the board costs. The chipsets I'm considering are in the choices above.